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WD230/ WD250/ WD90

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Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance WD 230 / WD 250 / WD 290 Cabinet washer-disinfectors in compliance with EN ISO 15883

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Schulthess Klinik, Zurich/Switzerland, Swiss Olympic Medical Center Belimed enhances CSSD performance Central Sterile Supplies is an integral department in most clinic and hospital operations. The demands placed on instrument processing within these units have never been more stringent than now. With a vast diversity of material and equipment to be cleaned, disinfected, and dried, this volume is increasing all the time. With current trends in merging clinics and hospitals into Numerous requirements – one contact larger Sterile Service facilities, plus additional legislation In addition to...

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Technical expertise Performance, quality, economy, and consistency are the main features of Belimed’s WD 230, WD 250 and WD 290 series of washer-disinfectors. Developed to comply with the latest EN ISO 15883 directive, they ensure safe cleaning, disinfection and drying of medical devices. Perfect quality with short cycle times Low media consumption and high productivity Belimed washer-disinfectors ensure a high throughput in «Dynamic Filling» is a unique economic feature. Water instrument processing, even the shortest program times volume is automatically matched to the load carrier and...

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WD 230 –10 tray washer-disinfector with manually operated doors Space-saving and easy to operate, the WD 230 with manually operated door offers an excellent cost-performance ratio. Easy loading and unloading Wash Chamber with or without glass windows When open, the manually operated WD 230 doors serve The WD 230, wash chamber has the same high quality as as a loading and unloading point, and relieves the physical the wash chambers of the WD 250 and WD 290: 316L workload of staff when handling racks in a conned area. stainless steel. An optional glass window may be integrated into the wash...

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WD 250 – 10-tray washer-disinfector with automatic sliding doors The WD 250 is even more operator-friendly and features automatic sliding doors with the option of combining a fully automated loading and unloading system. Optimal visual inspection Operating location Solid-glass doors are standard on every WD 250. The two-door WD 250 was developed specically for use Therefore, workow and operating processes are in CSSD units. It ensures reliable separation between always safely in view. decontamination and clean sides. Interlocking of the doors prevents the system from being opened to both...

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WD 290 – 15-tray washer-disinfector with automatic sliding doors With the largest capacity in the series, the WD 290 is the highest-performing machine to fully utilize its capabilities. The complete process, including loading and unloading can be automated and optimized. Increased capacity and cost efciency Operating location The WD 290 is fully compatible with the WD 390 multi- The WD 290 is suitable for use wherever large quantities chamber washer-disinfector. This combination results of medical devices need to be handled efciently. Because in an overall system with minimal space...

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Automation helps to increase productivity by streamlining processing. Operating staff are able to prepare several racks at once and time is saved as loading and unloading of the machines is carried out automatically. 3670 2614 Clean side Decontamination side Automatic 7

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Automated processes aid work efciency Automation for the WD 290 provides exibility in both loading and unloading or just one of the two functions. In addition, there are further automated options such as return conveyors and transfer hatches Automation provides greater efciency Cleaning made easy The fundamental requirement for a fast return on invest- Belimed‘s transport system is designed to meet hygiene ment Is to maximize the washer-disinfector’s throughput requirements and may be cleaned quickly and easily at capabilities. With automation, several racks may be all times. positioned on...

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The «Rotary-System» is an innovative development of Belimed automatic systems. The rotary modules link to form an entirely automated circuit. This ends the need for operating staff to manually lift or re-site the racks. An intelligent system transports the racks directly into the next available washer-disinfector. This results in minimal wait time guaranteeing a continuous workow. 6990 Automatic Manual 3940 Clean side Wall Decontamination side 9

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Efcient and economical operation Belimed’s commitment to high economic efciency includes a focus on cost savings and maximizing the investment in our equipment. Our systems feature economical use of resources of water, detergents, and energy. Dynamic Filling: High-performance drying: effective yet gentle Saves up to 20 % of resources per cycle Two powerful turbines are used in the high-volume Belimed Belimed‘s «Dynamic Filling» contributes to high economic dryers. Although the drying achieves an unrivalled per- efciency and environmental protection in either clinic or formance in efciency...

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R.O. water pre-heating: Exhaust air ap with condensate drain: 25 % increase in productivity shorter cycle times and less energy When the program phase of thermal disinfection begins, Belimed systems provide an effective solution to capture the required R.O. water is already provided at the required heat resulting from high washing temperatures. The thermal disinfection temperature. This is achieved by washer-disinfectors feature a dynamic exhaust air ap preheating it in a separate tank. This feature substantially that opens only in the event of excess pressure in the cuts the cycle time,...

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Certied quality Belimed systems comply with the EN ISO 15883 Standard and are certied by the appropriate notied bodies. Moreover, Belimed uses highest standards in development, production, installation, and after-sales service. An investment in a Belimed system is a secure, long-term investment. Quality: the highest-quality materials and Standard compliance: fully meeting international workmanship and national standards The wash chambers of the WD 230, WD 250, and WD 290 Belimed provides the security and certainty of a traceable, are made of 316L high-quality stainless steel. It offers...

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