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InstaView™ - 1

RUN GELS - VIEW PROGRESS - DOCUMENT RESULTS ALL IN ONE PLACE, ALL IN REAL TIME ■ View DNA migration and separation as it happens ■ Blue light illumination - won't damage DNA ■ Capture high resolution images without removing the gel from the tank

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InstaView™ - 2

Complete system with power supply The myGel InstaView comes complete with everything needed to cast, run and view mini electrophoresis gels, including an integrated power supply. One large (10.5x10cm) or small (10.5x6cm) gel is accommodated by the gel tank. Gels are easily poured using the supplied trays, combs and leak-proof casting stand. The power supply connects directly into the gel tank - no more leads to contend with. The connection is guaranteed to be right, every time. Output voltage can be adjusted to 35V, 50V or 100V and run time can be set for up to 99 minutes. A magnetic...

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InstaView™ - 3

InstaView Gel Tank - Connect your own power supply For labs that prefer to use a separate power supply, the InstaView Gel Tank is the perfect choice for running, viewing and documenting electrophoretic separations. The InstaView Gel Tank accommodates one large (10.5x10cm) or one small (10.5x6cm) gel tray and is supplied with trays, combs and a leak-proof casting stand. The gel tank lid includes attached power leads which prevent the unit from operating without the lid properly in place. Any standard power supply can be connected, including the Accuris myVolt™ Mini and myVolt Touch. The...

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InstaView™ - 4

Electrophoresis Supplies SmartGlow™ Safe Nucleic Acid Stain SmartGlow is a safe alternative to ethidium bromide for visualization of DNA in agarose gels. >Excitation by UV or blue light >Non-mutagenic, environmentally safe >No special disposal methods required >20,000X Prestain or 6X Loading Dye E4500-LD SmartGlow Loading Dye w/Safe Green Stain, 1ml E4500-PS SmartGlow Safe Green Prestain, 1ml SmartCheck™ DNA Ladders SmartCheck DNA Ladders are designed for fast and accurate DNA sizing in agarose gels. >Three sizes - 50bp, 100bp and 1kb >Ready to use formulation with loading buffer and...

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