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SmartWasher™ 96 - 1

IMARTIAIA5HSR1Microplate Washer (for 96 well microplates) ■ Via Fast, accurate, and reliable plate washing for ELISA assays Microplate Washer • Quick set up and easy programming • Compatible with U, V, C, and flat bottom 96 well plates • Flexible programming for full plate, partial plate, or strip washing • Choose 8-channel or 12-channel wash head Individually controlled wash and rinse sources

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SmartWasher™ 96 - 2

SMARTIAIA3HSR™ SB Microplate Washer (for 96 well microplates) • Precision control of aspiration needle position - Accurate to 0.1mm - Minimal residual liquid, <1pl/well • Auto rinse function eliminates cross contamination • Up to 100 wash protocols can be customized and stored • Liquid level sensors in wash and waste bottles • Wash protocols can be transferred via flash drive Research requires flexibility - the SmartWasher™ 96 provides it. Full plates, partial plates, and strips with U, V, C, or flat bottoms are accepted by this fully automated washer. Multiple aspiration point settings...

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