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Z287-A - 2

Easy Handling: The ergonomic Touch Operation Function is smooth and fast Gloved operation HERMLE's unmatched program storage, up to 99 Quick spin button. End of run alarm (this function can be deactivated). Time saving safetly lid lock Safety: Automatic imbalance shut off system Overspeed protection for each rotor type Only operates when the centrifuge lid is locked Error code system to quickly detect issues Automatic rotor identification Overheat protection shuts off unit if operating with too much heat Efficient and Versatile: Despite its high capacity, the design of the Z287-A is very...

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Z287-A - 3

The Z287-A exceeds the limitations set forth by traditional microcentrifuges which are restricted solely to fixed angle rotors for microtubes. Instead, this compact, next generation model features an expansive line of swing out and fixed angle rotors options that accept microplates and test-tubes up to 50ml. We’ve designed this centrifuge to be our most compact and economical. A true workhorse for any lab requiring a centrifuge that can accommodate many fields of research. Along with a broad range of available rotor options, the Z287-A introduces a convenient status indicator. Users can...

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Z287-A - 4

Acceleration in s: 26/242 Deceleration in s: 33/252 max. speed: 5,000 rpm RCF-value: 3,633 xg max. radius: 13.0 cm max. Ø: 29 mm Order No.: without adapter Z326-50-B15 Z326-15-A7* Z326-15-A5* Tube rack 1 x 50 ml conical 1 x 15 ml conical 1 x 7 ml 1 x 5 ml Swing out rotor 4 x 50 ml Angle: 0-75° * only possible with adapter Z326-50-B15 Acceleration in s: 26/241 Deceleration in s: 31/250 max. speed: 5,000 rpm RCF-value: 3,437 xg max. radius: 12.3 cm max. Ø: 25 mm Order No.: Tube rack without adapter 1 x 30 ml skirted without adapter 1 x 25 ml skirted Acceleration in s: 25/240 Deceleration in...

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Z287-A - 5

Acceleration in s: 22/198 Deceleration in s: 23/212 max. speed: 8,000 rpm RCF-value: 6,153 xg max. radius: 8.6 cm max. Ø: 17 mm Order No.: without adapter without adapter Z326-15-A7 Z326-15-A5 Tube rack 1 x 15 ml conical 1 x 15 ml glass 1 x 7 ml 1 x 5 ml Acceleration in s: 24/200 Deceleration in s: 20/208 max. speed: 12,000 rpm RCF-value: 13,683 xg max. radius: 8.5 cm max. Ø: 11 mm Order No.: without adapter without adapter C1008-A5-6 C1008-A2-6 Angle rotor 8 x 15 ml Angle: 33° Angle rotor 24 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml Angle: 45° | hermetically sealed Acceleration in s: 23/198 Deceleration in s: 27/213...

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