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Dr. Max 7000 Series

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7ooo Series ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC SURGICAL TABLES The exceptional design, high quality, and engineering excellnce of our Dr. MAX 7000 series surgical tables satisfy not only customers' expect- ed reliability, performance, safety and value but also offer instant, almost unlimited articulations.

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both manual split lag plates provide easy and unobstructed peritwal access

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With our tabletop longitudinal slide feature, there is no need to reverse patient or préconfigure the table before transferring patient to achieve full-body fluoroscopic procedures. Major Features Provides the features of tabletop longitudinal slide and ex- tended height adjustment range from 685 to 1.135mm (27" - 44.7", w/o pad). The maximum tabletop height can fully meet the demanding specialties required by CRS surgery. Hip Replacement. L-Plating for Intertrochanteric Fracture, Fixation of Femoral Head In Orthopedics. {add to 7000S) provides the additional feature of built-in Kidney...

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7ooo Series ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC SURGICAL TABLES Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Surgery Tabletop longitudinal slide toward head-end offers complete X-ray coverage and easy access to ac- commodate various surgical procedures, such as: Laparotomy, Cholecystectomy, Herniorrhapy, Breast Procedures, Ophthalmic Surgery, ENT Procedures. (C-Arm courtesy of In Chest /Abdominal Surgery Thoracic surgery with the extension plate to posi- tion the patient chest. Recommended Accessories : Semi-recumbent patient or chair head-neck , ENT surgery procedun lectomy, Cuff Repair, etc.

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Gall Bladder Surgery Thoracic, Kidney, and Gill Bladder A combination of lablelop slide toward head-end, flan, and kidney bridge positioning provides excel- lent surgical site exposure and easy C-Arni access. Possible procedures includes Nephrectomy, Ure- teral Lithotomy, Total Hip Procedure, Thoracosco- py. Hiatal Hernia Repair, Lung Raduction Surgery. Head, Shoulder & Arm Rest lor Lateral Position- Rectal Surgery Rectal positions with Knee Rest and Rectal Posi- tioning Support to support the patent in a kneeling Recommended Accessories : -Rectal Positioning Support (1101-8120-0042) x 1...

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7ooo Series ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC SURGICAL TABLES tetse Patient Orientation for Urology OB/GYN, Urology, and Cystoscopy The longitudinal slide toward foot-end and slid re- versa lo head-end for offers comfortable patient ac- cess and complete C-Arm coverage of lower Body. Tabletop can be interchanged to accommodate specific procedures like D & C, Cervical Coniza- tion. Pelvi s copy, Cystoscopy A-P Repair, U fi- nery Tract Procedural, Transurethral Resection, Rectal Surgery, Lapa ros copy. Recommended Accessories - Urology Drain Tray ftx Reverse Patient Orienla- Sinus Surgery, Ophthalmic...

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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Knee Arthroscopy Surgery - leg in hanging posi- tion with leg holder for arthroscopy ol orthopedic Recommended Accessories : - Condyle Fixation for Tibia and Fibula (2101-0000-

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Dr. MAX 7000 Series in Orthopedic Procedures Femoral Stem Fracture and Other Orthopedic Procedures The table can be equipped with optional Removable Orthopédie Extension Device 2100-0000-0038 to have positioning flexibility ot an orthopedic surgical table for procedures such as: Total Hip Replacement. Itrameflullary Nailing of Femoral, and Tibia and Fibula Surgery. AO Technique Orthopedie/Traumatologie Surgery

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Main Specifications Tablelop Widlh (Wo Side Rails) tablelop Height (Up/Oowi, wíe PaO| Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg Head Rest (Up/Down) Hack fiate (Up/Dovm) Tablelop Longitudinal Slide : subjects to change without prior nol es representative for detailed inform; adjusting leg section canfUp/ Lemoning separate

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Standard Accessories 2101-0000-0075 Arm Board, 2 pieces, Witti integral quick disconnect side rail damp design to facili- tate installation and removal Optional Accessories for Arm Support 22D1-OGOO-0019 Lett Wnsi-Side Gnping Handle 2201-0000-0020 Right Wnst-Side Gnprng Handle 11D1-8120-0043 Head, Shoulder S Arm Rest far Lateral Optional Accessories for Body Support 2101-0000-0010 Pad-Adjustable Dorsal Operation Frame 1101-B120-004 2 Recial Positioning Support Optional Accessories for Leg Supports and 2101-0000-0089 Righi Foot Resi ™ Anesthesia Screen Frame (Adjustable) " Side Rail Clamp...

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BenQ Medical Technology Corp. 7FL 46 Zhou-z St., Neihu Dist., 7, Kung 5 Rd„ Linkou Dist, New Taipei City 24452, Taiwan www.BenQMedicalTech.com BfsT^l lit ^ BgPlQ. mfo@BenQMedicalTech.com ^ïfl B^^MF Medicài TechflOlOg'' T-7000-CK06, copyright by BenQ Medical Technology Corp.

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