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Poseidon Q100 Series

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Outstanding Value & Versatility

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The Q100 Surgical Table Series Assure unsurpassed clinical versatility Utilize innovative Imaging technology. Assure battery DC power (optional). ■With upper leg section otters more possibilities. n base and column design provide an ideal access lor surgical team and C-arm. Radiolucent. manual operation built-in kidney bridge (optional) enhances the convenience of lateral operating procedures. iLevel function can return the patient automatically to level. •4 swivel castors system provides smooth moves and enables easy floor cleaning.

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Dual controller For safety purpose, we provided the corded hand control Reliability and Durability Correct Patient The Q100 surgical tables fit every surgical applications, especially in endourology, cystoscopy, urologyscope, OB and Flexible longitudinal sliding Poseidon Q100 Series enhances the imagining area up to Tabletop Longitudinal Sliding facilitates full-body fluoroscopic imaging Full Body Imaging is provided without moving the patient or pre-configuring the table before the transfer. -from the center of the tabletop to the head end 235mm -from the center of the tabletop to the foot...

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General / Laparoscopy / Thoracic Surgery Rectal Surgery -Rectal Positioning Support (1101-8120-0042) x 1 Cystoscopy / Lithotomy Surgery ■all Bladder / Kidney Surgery -Head, Shoulder & Arm Rest for Lateral -Urology Drain Tray x 1

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Spinal surgery -Lordosis Operating Frame x 1

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Centered Radiograpic Coverage Imaging length: 9.2' (235 mm) to head; Sliding toward head-end Sliding toward tool-end Upper Body Lower Body ■ Lower body arterial imaging ■ Lower limb, non orthopedi ■ Femoral / popliteal bypass Technical Specifications

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Standard Accessories side rail clamp design to Optional Accessories for Arm Support 2101-0000-0109 Microscopic Operating Frame tor Hand 1101-8120-0043 Head, Shoulder & Arm Rest for Lateral Optional Accessories for Body Support 2101-0000-0010 Pad-Adjustable Dorsal Operation Frame 1101-8120-0042 Rectal Positioning Support Optional Accessories for Leg Supports 2101-0000-0089 Right Foot Rest" 2101-0000-0093 Left Foot Rest" Optional Accessories for Cenerai 2101-0000-0143 Anesthesia Screen Frame" 2101-0000-0144 Anesthesia Screen Frame (Adlustable)" 2101-0000-0364 Side Rail Clamp 2101-0000-0091...

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BenQ Medical Technology Corp. Medical Technology

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