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Poseidon Q200 Series

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All The Right Moves In Imaging Medical Technology The Surgical Table For Extreme Imaging.

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Today's Surgical Tables are basically designed one of three patient-positioning approaches : top rotation, top slide or reversing mode (reversing the patient on the table top). Each approach attempts to optimize C-arm. microscope and/or surgeon access while minimizing set-up time and patient discomfort. Trident's surgical tables traditional design choice , Top Slide system that still not is magic bullet solves total solutions for all surgical positioning problems, at least so far, table top slide enough to offer adequate C-arm access unless reversing techniques are used. Even • M1/M2...

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The Optimum Choice for Surgeon Poseidon Q200 not only provides enough slide for full body imaging, it does so without sacrificing essential table function capabilities. Back up, leg down and all the other expected functions are there, and they are sufficient for various procedures. 0 Removable Powered Leg Píate jjRjf Powered Kidney Bridge (Optional) Q Auxiliary Override Control Extended Heigh Adjustment Column 13 Battery DC power supply (Optional) Ü¡ Full Mechanical Emergency Brake Release E*j 4 Points Power Brake

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Auxiliary Override provides secondary all the basic table top with optional X-ray top provided full-body imaging capability for either "real-time" or "hard-copy" removable solid leg plate allows easy, unobstructed perineal access. Battery DC power supply provides built-in battery DC power supply as a secondary power source to maximize safety and convenience. Foot Control provides hand free and tabletop up/down, back up/ down, trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg and lateral tilt left/ right positioning. Powered Kidney Bridge (optional) lift elevation and perfect X-Ray fluoroscopy for kidney...

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Radiographie Coverage Full Body Imaging is provided without having to move the patient or pre-configure the table before transfer. The full 530mm of top slide permits both upper and lower body imaging during the same procedure along with full-function control including a built-in power kidney bridge. No other that we know of, can do that! Cardiovascular imaging problems for instance, are solved In a very simple and straight forward manner. Slide toward Head-End 200mm Normal Position Slide toward Foot-End 330mm

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The Poseidon Q200 surgical imaging table is designed tor a wide variety ol surgical procedures, particularly tliose requiring a mobile C-arm. Poseidon slide capability and unique design. The result Is the large Imaging coverage providing the surgeon with the excellent C-arm visualization. The radiolucent tabletop allows superior Imaging and the maximum achieving complete C-arm, certain specialties. Many Neurosergeons. specialties too will find extended height range to be of major benefit. The Poseidon Q200 surgical imaging table Impartan! note : Do not exceed 120kg patient weight limit when...

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Endourology Surgery OB/GYN. Urology, and Cystoscopy The longitudinal slide toward tool-end and slid reverse to head-end tor otters comfortable patient access and complete C-Arm coverage ot lower body. Tabletop can be hterchanged to accommodate specific procedures (ike: D & C. Cervical Conization. Pelviscopy, Cystoscopy. A-P Repair. Urinary Tract Procedures. Transurethral Resection, Rectal Recommended Accessories : ■ Urology Drain Tray tor Reverse Patten! Orientation x t Gall Bladder Surgery Thoracic, Kidney, and Gall Bladder kidney bridge positioning provides excellent surgical site...

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Spinal Surgery Putting the patient in the prone position permits unrestricted access for the C-arm in orthograde X-ray examinations Unobstructed access of C-Arm, microscope, and/or surgical team during surgery are all possible with Q200 series to complete procedural and fluoroscopic versatility. Recommended Accessories : - Combination Pad for Prone Position (2101-0000-0307) x 1 Full Fowler craniotomies can easily be accomplished with enough leg room for the standing surgeon. Recommended Accessories : - Neuro Adaptor For Mayfield Head Rest (1101-6690-0010) x 1 Prone or supine craniotomies...

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Ophthalmological and Facial /Plastic

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Laparoscopy Surgery Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Surgery Tabletop longitudinal slide toward head-end oflers comp X-ray coverage and easy access lo accommod. Cholecystectomy. Herniorrhapy. Breast Procedur Ophthalmic Surgery, ENI Procedures. (C-Arm courtes; Cardiovascular (Head- End Slide) Peripheral vascular procedures are simplified by adding 200mm(7.B"| as an extension for procedures In Fern/Pop Cardiovascular(Foot-End Slide) Excellent upper body visualization is greatly Improved by using tabletop longitudinal slide, maximum tabletop height 1,135mm (44.6", w/ pad), and adding head rest on...

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Specifications and functions are subjects to change without prior notice. Some tables shown are with optional accessories, please see the accessory list or refer to our sales represenfatlv detailed Information.

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Standard Accessories le rail clamp design Optional Accessories for Arm Support 2101-0000-0109 Microscopic Operating Frame for Hand 2201-0000-0019 Left Wrist-Side Griping Handle 2201-0000-0020 Right Wrist-Side Griping Handle 1101-8120-0043 Head, Shoulder & Arm Rest for Lateral Optional Accessories for X-Ray Optional Accessories for General Optional Accessories for Body Support 2101-0000-0010 Pad-AdjustaOle Dorsal Operation Frame 1101-8120-0042 Rectal Positioning Support Optional Accessories for Leg Supports 2101-0000-0089 Right Foot Rest ** 2101-0000-0093 Left Foot Rest " Screen Frame "...

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