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Tri LiTE LED Series

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TriLrte LED SBOD Series Always Right The Way With Medical Future

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Trident Medical is the most trusted OR equipment manufac- turer in the world and is continually leading the advance of new technologies designed to improve surgical care. T: Totality - to Social Responsibility : Provide safe & High Quality Products. - to Employees : Increase the welfare and build the harmonized Environment. - Shareholders : Provide the reasonable ROI. R: Renewal - Continuous Improvement and innovation, Flexible and Energetic Company Culture. I: Intelligence - Inspire Employees ability and Ideas.

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Deep Cavity Penetration The central illumination level Ec in 1m distance for 160,000 Lux with illumi- nation depth of luminaire L1 + L2 of The handle producing a soft environ- ment illumination ideal for Minimally In- vasive and Microscope Surgeries. Cool Light Tri Lite LED technology reduces tradi- tional heat dissipation created by infra- red emissions. This infrared-free light provides the surgeon with a more com- fortable and productive working envi- ronment and improves patient safety. Low Heat: 2.2 mW/m2 radiant energy. Shadow Reduction Control The relation between light body and...

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Environment protection This technology is better ,not only for you and your patient, but for the environ- ment as well. With many hospitals devoted to "green" practices, Tri Lite LED can be part of your solution. Not only does it use one-third less energy than traditional lights, but it is rated for 40,000 hours of life. Less energy, less waste, better per- formance. Now that is a brighter idea. Auto shadow management masked ar- eas around surgeon's head are reduced whereas remaining zones are boosted Less heat on surgeon's head The TriLite LED light head provides an ideal shadow control...

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Technical Data Ughi Head Diameter Color Temp Color Rendering Index Field Diameter Depth of the volume o( light L1+L2 Temp. Increase Light Head Weight Volt. Required Optional Items BenQ Medical Technology Corp. w. BenQ Medica ITed- Medical Technology

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