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Glacier 3000, Diablerets-Gstaad, Switzerland

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A new perspective Sometimes a new idea or experience causes us to completely change our point of view. Bernafon is proud to offer a new perspective with Veras, our next generation of ChannelFreeTM hearing systems. Veras provides an ideal combination of proven technology and fitting versatility. With three complete instrument families, three levels of performance and three price categories, Veras is the hearing system with something for everyone. You will be pleased by the added value you find in Veras.

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Veras Performance, versatility and design Veras offers the high-resolution performance of Bernafon’s ChannelFreeTM signal processing combined with advanced multienvironment technology and binaural communication between instruments. The result is a system that supplies excellent auditory scene fidelity and a natural hearing response. Veras is extremely versatile with three technology levels, six instrument styles, multiple colors and several acoustic options. Wireless connectivity to sound sources, such as music players and cellular phones, makes Veras an important listening partner....

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ChannelFree™ signal processing Bernafon’s proprietary ChannelFreeTM signal processing is the core technology in the Veras system. ChannelFreeTM produces very accurate amplification, while staying true to the original signal. ChannelFreeTM signal processing adjusts the gain continuously to amplify each phoneme individually, without dividing the signal into channels or bands. The advantage is clear and natural sound without compromise. Why are phonemes so important? Most processing systems operate at the syllabic level or slower. When processing speech, it is important to note that sentences...

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ChannelFree™ signal processing High-resolution amplification The ability to resolve time-related events, like words, syllables, or phonemes, is known as temporal resolution. ChannelFreeTM processing has the highest temporal resolution of any hearing system, and can correctly amplify the smallest parts of speech. The speed and resolution of ChannelFreeTM signal processing is combined with advanced automatic features in Veras. Extended frequency bandwidth, binaural coordination between instruments, and sophisticated adaptive directionality and noise reduction systems all interact with...

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Auditory scene fidelity The two ears work as a system, providing stereophonic sound everywhere we go. Our brains use the subtle differences in the timing and intensity of the sounds reaching each ear to localize sounds in space and interpret our surroundings. Modern hearing instruments perform hundreds of complex operations moment by moment to adapt to the listening environment. With this degree of sophistication it is essential that the hearing instruments work together to provide an accurate picture of the auditory scene. Fortunately, advanced wireless communication between hearing...

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Signal processing in rapidly changing environments ENVIRONMENT CLASSIFICATION DETECT CHOOSE Noise frequency periodicity Speech in noise Wind BINAURAL COORDINATION Noise Speech in noise frequency periodicity Detection of signal characteristics Analysis of changing signal patterns Coordination of classification choice between left and right instruments A hearing system must be able to adjust smoothly to changes in the sound environment. The automatics are the brain of the hearing system, exerting dynamic control over every function. The multienvironment program in Veras utilizes the full...

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Environment Optimizer The multienvironment program in Veras matches incoming signals with one of four listening environment classifications. Although these four listening environments handle most everyday listening situations quite well, there are times when the client might benefit from enhancement of a particular environment. The Environment Optimizer allows you to select one of the four listening environments and apply a special setting to this environment. The optimization is automatically activated whenever the chosen environment is detected. Speech in noise If this environment is...

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Natural comfort The ideal hearing system is a transparent interface between the user and the environment. The challenge is to provide assistance while keeping the listening experience as natural as possible. With this goal in mind, Bernafon has developed an enhanced system for control of soft noise to ensure that listening is always comfortable and natural.

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Soft noises can be annoying in quiet listening environments. When amplified, sounds like the whirring of a fan can seem louder than they should, causing listening fatigue. It is also important that the hearing instruments themselves operate quietly in very quiet environments, allowing the user to experience full relaxation. Advanced Soft Noise Management is Bernafon’s next generation in listening comfort, available for the first time in Veras instruments to decrease unwanted background sounds and make listening effortless. The system is speech-weighted to ensure that soft speech sounds are...

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Music appreciation Live music dynamics The Live Music Plus program in Veras applies live music dynamics to increase the peak input limiting level, accounting for the dynamics of music. This prevents premature limiting of musical signals. As a result, music sounds natural and “alive” . Wideband response Live music dynamics ChannelFreeTM processing ChannelFreeTM is excellent for music because it treats incoming signals as a whole, maintaining the original balance between low- and highf ­ requency harmonic energy. This balance is crucial for musical sound quality. In Veras, Live Music Plus is...

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True lifestyle fittings Manual adjustments Other companies talk about lifestyle but Bernafon is the only company to actually incorporate the lifestyle needs of the client directly into the fitting. Lifestyle Profile Data logging Veras offers a comprehensive data logging system that records how the client actually uses the hearing instrument in daily wear. This valuable information can help to guide fine-tuning decisions in follow-up sessions. Learning curve Manual adjustments Bernafon’s unique Lifestyle Profile is a structured interview in the fitting software that helps to quickly identify...

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