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BERNER Cytostatic Glovebox Isolator - 1

Foto: © /Julia Savchenko BERNER FlowSafe® I-[MaxPro] ³ GMP-compliant working in grade C and D cleanrooms

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BERNER Cytostatic Glovebox Isolator - 2

The isolator which gives you the advantages of a tested safety cabinet BERNER INTERNATIONAL is your guarantor for complete safety when producing drugs. We have been enhancing work and product safety for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications since 1982. We keep you safe at all times thanks to innovative “Made in Germany” solutions. We have gone to great lengths when developing our work safety equipment to ensure your maximum protection when working with hazardous substances such as CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics, virostatics.) Due to increasing requirements on the laboratory...

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BERNER Cytostatic Glovebox Isolator - 3

All good things generally come in threes The patented 3-filter system of the BERNER FlowSafe® safety cabinet has treble the value for you. 1. Unique filter technology 2. Optimum waste management 3. Perfect filter protection Unique cartridge filters: compact construction with twice the performance Cartridge filters can be disposed of in normal waste containers and autoclaves. Main filter is protected against fluids and particles. • The HEPA cartridge filters Best-FilterProtection provide you with the smallest main filter elements. • The manageable shape of the cartridge filter facilitates...

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BERNER Cytostatic Glovebox Isolator - 4

Proven protection in Berner quality Filter Technology The BERNER Isolator FlowSafe® I-[MaxPro]³ is exactly like the FlowSafe® safety cabinets, equipped with an innovative, patented 3-filter system. The advanced filter layout offers many advantages: • Redundant HEPA filter system. • Very high total filtration efficiency of 99.99999975% in MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) • Protects better than ULPA filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air) of the U17 class. • Main filter level directly beneath the work surface filters out particulate contamination via an extremely short air channel....

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BERNER Cytostatic Glovebox Isolator - 5

Proven protection in Berner quality The best reason: Your safety Personal protection Laminar Downflow The innovative glove changing system „Easy-Change“ with tested and certified cytostatic protective gloves and sleeve covers, means keeping to the changing intervals recommended by the German BGW and QUAPOS is easily achievable. The cytotoxic glovebox, despite the 3-filter system, has maximum legroom and in connection with the optional height-adjustable base unit ErgoMove (not possible for all versions) can be adjusted with a push of a button to fit the individual’s height. Just as the...

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BERNER Cytostatic Glovebox Isolator - 6

Technical Data Technal Data BERNER FlowSafe® I-[MaxPro]³ Width (inside workspace) Glove arm holes & size An already existing BERNER FlowSafe safety cabinets of the type C-[MaxPro]³ can be modified onsite to an isolator or built onto an isolator. Glove change system Easy-Change Glove type Investment security 2 part system Cytostatic glove Latex or Neoprene for 0,36 m/s Air exchange rate usable space Air exhange rate material air lock Air exchange rate exhaust air Integrated particle monitoring integrierter Flachbildschirm Keyboard and printer shelf Various interfaces (USB, CAT 5, RS 232,...

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