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CLAIRE PRO - SAFETY CABINET Experience infinite variety

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire pro FOR YOUR SAFETY WE DO RESEARCH “Made in Germany“ stands for over 60 years of quality, reliability and innovative technology worldwide. The development and production of safety cabinets in Germany is our core competence for over three decades. We are setting new standards with an entirely new and groundbreaking generation of safety cabinets. The combination of well-established standard technology together with innovative solutions based on research – this is what distinguishes the new generation. Protection at the highest level, intuitive operation, low energy...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire Pro - Made in Germany MADE IN GERMANY QUALITY, RELIABILITY & INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR THREE DECADES The prime goal during the development of the new generation was to make working at safety cabinets easier and more intuitive while raising safety at the same time. In development projects, our engineers and designers have collected and tested many ideas for several years, as well as implementing results from our research. Form and function entered a perfect symbiosis as the new “Shield Design“. The combination of proven and new technologies, plus the production...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire pro - Research RESEARCH SOLUTIONS FOR THE FUTURE Research always forms the basis for innovation. For this reason, since 2002, Berner International has has a private research laboratory at its site in Germany. In numerous research projects, the teams of Berner International develop new solutions and improved products for working safely in the laboratory, including projects funded by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology. Well-established microbiological test methods, derived from DIN EN 12469, DIN 12980 or NSF 49 are applied for testing the safety...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire Pro - At a glance CLAIRE PRO NONE CAN DO MORE Protection Shield The multiple award-winning "Shield Design" testifies high quality design, which combines by way of example innovation with form and function. Quality seal Multiple award-winning product design in the selection criteria - degree of innovation, safety, sustainability, aesthetics, industrial feasibility and implementation. Ergonomics Particularly quiet, bright operating conditions, individually adjustable work surface height and optimum legroom even for 3-filter cabinets due to the particularly compact...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire Pro - At a glance Innovative LED light technology Apart from the LED lighting of the working space, laterally arranged LED light bands and the illuminated window edge in the view of the user visualise the operating state or alarms and guarantee the highest security. Touch Display Intuitive operation and user-friendly menu navigation. Custom-made Using our own research, development and construction, we can implement individual customised requirements. For selected examples please see pages 26-27.. Movement-Measurement-System Detection system for the movements of...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire pro - GreenTec GREENTEC 84% LOWER OPERATING COSTS INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY INNER VALUES MATTER During the development of the new generation, emphasis was placed value on top quality components, low operating costs and an environmentally friendly feature - GreenTec. This is an especially interesting aspect when considering an expected economic life expectancy of about 15 years and steadily rising electricity costs of around 5 % in the past 10 years 1). The investment for the new generation of energy efficient safety cabinets breaks even much earlier thanks to lower...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire pro - GreenTec Fluid mechanics Air distribution, cross -sections and filters have been optimised resulting in the lowest possible flow resistance in order to achieve a more efficient airflow. This reduces the load on the fans which saves valuable energy. Top quality components Premium quality components like EC-fans, LED lighting technology and a LED touch display reduce the active energy consumption enormously. Eco Mode Intelligent control and monitoring technology reduces all consumers with one touch to a minimum. Auto-On-Off Function A needs-tailoured and...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire pro The Protection Shield – a special surface with LED For maximum ease of cleaning, special attention was paid to a smooth, and lighting technology spanning the entire casing front, for visualisation of the operating status. virtually joint-free design of the surfaces. The touch-display fits harmonically and ergonomically. A puristic colour and material combination of fine white powder coating and high quality material, such as stainless steel and glass, communicates premium quality and precision.

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire pro - Shield Design SHIELD DESIGN VISUALISATION OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS The design is convincing with a clear-cut and slender appearance. The side profile forms an attractive surface continuing across the whole of the front casing – the Protection-Shield. Just above the front window is a touch display which is positioned to fit in harmonically as well as ergonomically. Both of the side verticals visually encompass the workspace, which has been designed with maximum safety in mind, and above all fulfill a crucial functional aspect. The recessed light band,...

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I BERNER INTERNATIONAL I Claire pro - Touch-Display TOUCH DISPLAY INTUITIVE USE AND EASY TO USE MENU NAVIGATION The touch display is the central interface and control unit for the user. The touch display of the new generation is intuitive in its operation with a self-explanatory menu. Premium quality pictograms and a puristic design speak a clear language. The superior TFT-display with LED background lighting is arranged in a central position and within easy reach. The INTU OP display can be easily read from a sitting as well as a Flexible standing position. All safety-related parameters...

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