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Cytostatic safety cabinet BERNER FlowSafe® Put your trust in a safe bench: Maximum protection and well-being to safeguard your health safety systems

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Safety Cabinets - 2

We ensure your protection Safety BERNER INTERNATIONAL is your guarantor for complete safety when producing drugs. We have been enhancing work and product safety for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications since 1982. We keep you safe at all times thanks to innovative „made in Germany“ solutions. We have gone to great lengths when developing our work safety equipment to ensure your maximum protection when working with hazardous substances such as CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics, virustatic agents). The cytostatic safety cabinet BERNER FlowSafe® C-[MaxPro]³ is specially designed for the...

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Safety Cabinets - 3

Safety Of course it‘s good to have trust. But it‘s even better to have guarantees. This is why BERNER tests all aspects of the technical performance capabilities of the safety cabinets in a comprehensive PET (Performance Envelope Testing) procedure. In this test different air currents were specifically loaded with bioaerosols. A nebulizer dispersed the bioaerosols from an apathogenic spore suspension of bacillus subtilis. In different sampling processes, data on contaminations, in the form of excessive bioaerosols that are output, are collected, incubated and analysed. With excellent...

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Safety Cabinets - 4

Safety is in the air Ventilation There are currently no longer any standardised velocity values for airflow Results of the microbiological test of personal and product protection based on air inflow and displacement flow. when developing safety cabinets. The specific operating points of optimal safety functions rather depend on the particular model. And also on the individual manufacturer‘s standards. This is a responsibility that we take very can find our philosophy right there in our name: BERNER – the safety system. Our research is centered on personal safety using the best protective...

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Safety Cabinets - 5

Ventilation For your protection: Air movement only in controlled channels. For this reason the stable air barrier in the work access opening and an extreme laminar downflow (Uniform-DownFlow) in the working area ensure optimum capacity for personal, product and cross contamination protection. Fast extraction of contaminations: Particles are cleared from the workspace after 2.3 seconds. Intelligent solutions for innovative ventilation technology ■ Digital safety control panel, BERNER FlowSafe® Control, monitors power supply, window position, flow conditions and filter status. ■ Clear fault...

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Safety Cabinets - 6

It’s better to be sure you’re safe Filters Total degree of filtration of 2-filter systems vs. 3-filter systems. When handling cytostatics you can never be too safe. That is why we play it really safe and equip the safety cabinets BERNER FlowSafe® C-[MaxPro]3 with a special filter technology: The 3-filter system. As opposed to the commonly used 2-filter technology, the third filter level, through its trend-setting filter layout, offers not only a clearly higher level of safety, but also many other advantages: ■ Redundant HEPA filter system. ■ Very high total filtration efficiency of...

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Safety Cabinets - 7

Good things come in three: The patented 3-filter system of the cytostatic safety cabinet BERNER FlowSafe® has treble the value for you. 1. Unique filter technology ■ The HEPA cartridge filters Best-FilterProtection provide you with the smallest main filter elements. ■ Only half as many filter elements as with conventional wedge filter systems: 50% smaller replacement and test outlay – Reduction in follow-up costs. ■ Protective grid on the clean air side ensures safe installation and removal. ■ Long lasting performance capacity due to large effective filter area. ■ Perfect air conduction...

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Safety Cabinets - 8

Making it a pleasure to work Ergonomics Whoever works in a laboratory, also cares a great deal about health when designing a work space. This is why we kept people uppermost when constructing the safety cabinets BERNER FlowSafe®. The guarantee for your sense of well being – Ergonomic-Advantage-System. Take a seat at your work space: The balanced, central seating position makes it possible for you to comfortably carry out your tasks without feeling tired. Preventive work protection for safe handling of biological substances. ■ Dynamic seating in different positions – leaning forward, upright...

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Safety Cabinets - 9

The atmosphere in the workplace is a decisive factor for unstressed but concentrated accurate work. The optimal operating parameters as well as the functional design of the safety cabinet BERNER FlowSafe combine to ensure the ® best conditions for the execution of laboratory tasks. ■ Very quiet - up to a threshold of 56.6 dB(A). ■ Bright reflection lighting of up to 1400 lx in the work space. ■ Front panel unimpeded for by edge of glass to allow full view of the work space. ■ Large side windows provide additional lighting. ■ Low vibration of less than 5 µm on the stable work surface....

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Safety Cabinets - 10

The ideal position for each individual Ergonomics Why should individuals have to adapt to their workplaces, if the workplace can adapt to the individual. Our engineers provided a solution to this question when they developed BERNER FlowSafe® safety cabinets. The answer: BERNER ErgoMove. A highly adjustable base frame complies Seating and standing work place with adjustable work tops compared across safety cabinets. with anthropometric requirements, that are currently applied to machine work places. It makes it possible to have flexibility between sitting and standing activity and thereby...

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Safety Cabinets - 11

Inspection The safety cabinet BERNER FlowSafe® C-[MaxPro]³ has not only found the right position for operation, but also for maintenance. All service work can be carried out easily from the front thanks to the intelligent design. In addition to the benefits of how it is constructed, the cabinet‘s technical configuration is also a winner. This provides double benefit for you: On the one hand you are economising thanks to reduced maintenance costs. On the other hand, the accessible components facilitate the efficient setting of all parameters using service software for perfect safety and...

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