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SEALSAFE® – WASTE SEALING SYSTEM Toxic and infectious waste – safely dispose

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – Legal bases LEGAL BASES When handling infectious and toxic waste in the laboratory, various legal aspects must be considered. Legal requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG), German Ordinance on Biological Working Agents (BioStoffV) and/or Law on Chemicals (ChemG) as well as the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV) must be observed as soon as the waste is produced. The protection of the employees is always top priority. For the waste produced, there is a multi-level legal framework given within the EU. The hierarchical...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – Legal bases Excerpt from AVV: wastes from natal care, diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases in humans Current waste code Original code body parts and organs including blood bags and blood preserves (except 18.01.03) wastes whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection wastes whose collection and disposal is not subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection (for example dressings, plaster casts, linen, disposable clothing, diapers) chemicals consisting of or containing dangerous...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – At a glance SAFE SEALING OF INFECTIOUS AND TOXIC WASTE SealSafe®- waste sealing units by Berner International have been used successfully in many laboratories for decades. The principle is based on the fact that toxic or infectious waste can be directly sealed aerosol-tight in a special tubular foil with a high protective barrier. The SealSafe® pro triggers the foil transport and the sealing process in a contact-free manner via sensor. This means that problematic laboratory waste is safely preconditioned and stored temporarily. SealSafe® pro presents the...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – At a glance New Design Appearance and functionality have been adapted to the modern design of our laboratory devices. LED-Technology Used to display the operating status or possible errors. The foil area is illuminated in different colors: yellow = ready for operation green = normal sealing cycle blue = seal and cut function red = error New IR Sensor It exclusively serves for contactless release/triggering of the sealing process for waste disposal. This critical step thus proceeds without the risk of contamination. Seal and cut function A separate switch is...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – Enhanced functions ENHANCED FUNCTIONS SEALSAFE® PRO OPTION CLOSED DESIGN The mobile waste sealing unit SealSafe® pro is optional available as a closed version. In this version, the collection container is completely covered by a high-quality, powder-coated Zincor steel housing. For removal, the interior is accessible through a door. The design completely prevents the possibility of tipping over. At the same time, visual protection is given for some types of waste which are aesthetically unpleasant. This may be advantageous in facilities such as hospitals or...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – Enhanced functions MORE PROVEN FEATURES OF SEALSAFE® WASTE SEALING UNITS → Touchless sealing with sensor technology → Aerosol-tight sealing of waste, prevents → Individual foil lenghts are adjustable → Large opening → Stainless steel framing of the opening for best cleaning possibilities → Made in Germany → Reduces oder nuisance → Increases occupational safety Secure handling of waste from CMR-substances or biological materials excellent for use in pharmacies, in the pharmaceutical sector and laboratories → Optimal supplement when working → Type tested and...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL Claire® pro + Sealsafe® plus WASTE TRANSFER AEROSOL-TIGHT CLAIRE® PRO & SEALSAFE® PLUS THE PERFECT SYMBIOSIS FOR SAFE WASTE MANAGEMENT Dangerous chemical and biological waste from safety cabinets deserve special attention. The ability to transfer waste without leaving the safe workspace of the safety cabinet is the key to minimising cross-contamination. The, for the Claire® specially adapted, waste disposal unit SealSafe® Plus has been designed for receiving and air-tight sealing of waste. Automatic transport of foil tube sealing after sealing process. Electrically...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® Claire® pro + Sealsafe® plus Extension provides additional storage space for foil tubes, single-use material, PPE etc GE EA US Convenient pull-out waste container Safe Waste Management Safe transfer and storage, up to inactivation in the aerosol-tight foil tube. No dangerous waste in any work areas.

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – Construction CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF SEALSAFE® → Premium Quality The SealSafe® pro has a first-class & solid finish. The area around the opening for waste disposal is made entirely of stainless steel and is therefore durable, resistant and easy to clean. The frame and the socket for the waste container are made from steel section tube and sheet metal and coated with high-quality epoxy-powder in white and black (RAL 9003 und 9005, silk). All components and options are implemented by our qualified employees in the design and production department with...

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BERNER INTERNATIONAL SealSafe® – Technical data TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR SEAL SAFE® Technical data: SealSafe® plus Technical data: SealSafe® pro Item number Item number closed, attached to safety cabinet Casing material Stainless steel V2A & powder coated Zincor steel sheet RAL 9002/9005 Casing material Stainless steel V2A & powder coated Zincor steel sheet RAL 9002/9005 Rated voltage Rated voltage Rated power Rated power Protection class Protection class Initiation of sealing process Initiation of sealing process Consumables – tubular foil Approx. 32 m per tubular foil Sterile version...

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