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Vital Signs Monitor IRIS lite is an economic and efficient vital signs monitor provides accurate measurement for SpO2, NIBP and pulse rate, it offers the various hospitals, clinics and general practitioners a wonderful solution for patient spot check. Features: ■ Combination of numeric LED and TFT LCD display ■ Accurate NIBP and Sp02 measurements ■ High capacity lithium rechargeable batteries, operation time up to 10 hours (optional) ■ Spot check and continuous working mode, satisfy different clinical scenario. ■ 1.5m anti-drop proof makes it suitable for emergency ■ High capacity internal storage ■ Plug&Play type thermal printer Turning knob for easy and Bright numeric LED display Printer module, plug and quick operation for observing in distance play

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IRIS Lite - 2

Pulse Rate Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy Physical Specification Dimensions 250*180*180mm Net weight 2kg(including battery) Power Supply AC: 100-240V 50/60Hz Internal battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery working period: 5hours 10hours(optional) Data Storage 120 patient data storage(4000 alarm data / patient and 1500 hours trend review) NIBP Method: Oscillometric Mode: Manual, Auto Measuring interval in auto mode: 1-480 minutes Pulse Rate Range: 30-240bpm Measuring range: Adult Mode SYS 40-255mmHg DIA 10-195mmHg MEAN 20-215mmHg Pediatric Mode SYS 40-200mmHg DIA 10-150mmHg MEAN...

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