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VITAVUE Series - 1

Vitavue Series Patient Monitor

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VITAVUE Series - 2

Vitavue 10 & Vitavue 12 360 Degrees Alarm Light Compact Design Full brightness display from all angles With an integral carry-handle Modern, thin, light weight and portable Color TFT Display 12.1'' 1280X800mm high resolution 170 degrees wide angle view Anti-glare and flicker free technology with 10 levels of night modes Deliver the best visual experience Sweep speed 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/sec Powerful Data Storage 480 hours full-disclosure review 168 hours of tabular and graphic trends Rechargeable Lithium Battery 4000 sets of data 100+ alarm events Support continuous working of 2 hours Code...

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VITAVUE Series - 3

Additional Features Advanced technology for cost effective monitoring Optional Advanced Parameters Cost effective add-ons such as EtCO2, IBP, Anesthesia Gas/O2. SpO2 Masimo/NIBP Suntech technology available. SpO2 Algorithm Outstanding motion resistance and interference resistance performance. Real time perfusion index and low perfusion detection. 3/5/12 Leads ECG Optimized for arrhythmia detection, pacemaker detection, and HR measurement. 3 kinds of filtering mode: diagnosis, monitoring and operation. Arrhythmia analysis (ST segment included) Asystole、Pause、VFIB/VTAC ... 23 arrhythmias can...

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VITAVUE Series - 4

Specifications Specifications Physical specifications EtCO2 (Masimo mainstream or sidestream)* CO2 range (IRMA): 0-99 mmHg System response time: Power Supply Pulse rate: Internal battery: Breath detect: Adaptive threshold minimum 1 vol% CO2 change Rechargeable Li-on Battery Accuracy: The bigger one between ±2% or ±2bpm Perfusion index: Measuring range: 0.1-20% Measuring range: Print our parameters and 3 selectable waveforms Print type: real-time, alarm, freeze, review, calculation, trend Data Storage Graphic & tabular storage and review: 168 hours Precision: the bigger one between ±2 rpm or...

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