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Humeral head resurfacing

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Humeral head resurfacing Primary Implants

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique ■ Preface The surface finish of the humeral head implant has been developed using state-of-the-art knowledge and experience with the finishes of non-cemented implants. It is made of a cobalt alloy using the latest finishing technology. Facets that come into contact with bone tissue are covered with bioactive porous coating of titanium oxide to ensure optimal integration of the implant. The head's external surface is polished to mirror-like gloss. The use of instruments from the implant's manufacturer facilitates the implantation process and...

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A. The Surgical approach For implantation of the humeral head surface replacement we use the deltopectoral approach. The incision begins below the A-C joint and continues medially with a straight cut towards the insertion of the delta muscle, cutting simultaneously through the clavipectoral fascia. With a dull instrument, we clear the space between the delta and pectoral muscle by pushing the delta muscle away laterally, along with vena cephalica. Thereupon we abduct the arm to 40-60º with external rotation of 20º and induce the retractor into the subacromial space between the delta muscle...

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique B2. Milling the head surface Using a suitable milling cutter (according to x-ray and gauge), we remove the layer of cartilage on the head so that the thickness of the cartilage left corresponds to the thickness of the surface replacement selected. Fig. 4, 5 Using a rake cutter, we grind off the remaining surface on the top of the head Fig. 6, 7. Thereupon we examine the head’s surface to see whether all the damaged parts have been removed, using a control cap to make sure that the head’s upper facet is properly prepared for the selected size of...

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B3. Milling a hole for the anchoring stem of the humeral head resurfacing Using a milling cutter of corresponding size, we create a canal for the anchoring stem of the humeral head surface replacement, Fig. 9,10. After removing the cutter and the guiding wire, we may start trial fitting of the joint. B4. Trial fitting Remove the stem’s cutter and the guiding wire. Depending on the size of the cutter, the head, and the trial cap, select the appropriate size of humeral head surface replacement. Insert the trial head with the aid of the stem into the prepared opening and tap it into position...

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique B5. Removing the trial head Take out the trial head with the aid of the extractor, Fig.14,15. If the trial head reaches over the edge of the surrounding bone tissue or if we decide to choose a head of a different size, we can work on the head’s surface a little more using the right milling cutter, see below, Fig. B6. Fig. 14: Removing the trial head Fig. 15: Removing the trial head B6. Additional preparation of the head’s surface Insert the guiding wire with the cone into the canal prepared for the anchoring stem and, using a milling cutter of...

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Finally, we must not forget to rework the hole for the anchoring stem, Fig. 20, 21 and then we repeat trial fitting, Fig.11-15. Fig. 20: Finishing the hole for the anchoring stem Fig. 21: Finishing the hole for the anchoring stem B7. Inducing the implant Using the stem, we induce the implant into the prepared hole and tap it into position using the tapping block. Fig. 22: Final insertion of the implant Fig. 23: Final insertion of the implant

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique Instruments The set of instruments (Order No. 300030) is laid out on two nets that facilitate a practical layout of the instruments during transport, storage, preparation, as well as during surgery. The nets are fitted into a container that can be used for sterilization.

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Set of instruments for application of Humeral head resurfacing. CASSETTE LAY-OUT 1 Note: The tray layout is only of an informative character and may be amended depending on future innovation. 9

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique 23 24 25 Set of instruments for application of Humeral head resurfacing. CASSETTE LAY-OUT 2

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BEZNOSKA, s.r.o. Delnicka 2727, 272 01 Kladno, Czech Republic,

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