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Implant Destription Surgical Technique Instrumentation set Catalogue Introduction This publication is to be used as orientation instructions for the specified implant and set of instruments. It focuses strictly on issues related to the application of the specific implant, on the presumption that the surgeon and other personnel are thoroughly acquainted with the general rules applicable to radial head replacement operations. The objective of this publication is to facilitate the use of the individual instruments by surgeons and theater nurses, so that they may attain optimal results quickly...

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Description of the Implant The implant is designated for radial head replacement. The implant consists of a head and a stem that must be assembled inseparably during the operation, using a self-clamp cone at the connection point. Indication for implantation ■ Primary implantation in cases involving comminuted irreconstructible fracture of the head of the radius with plus-variant of the ulna or simultaneous injury of: • medial ligament (primary stabilizer) • radioulnar interosseal membrane (Essex-Lopresti) membrany (Essex-Lopresti) • coronoideous ulnae and olecranum ulnae ■ Chronic...

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique Instrumentation set Catalogue Surgical procedure General Principles Prior to every operation, it is necessary to do pre-operation planning to determine the estimated size of the implant. Final determination of the implant’s size is done during the operation, as it depends on the dimensions of the resected radial head, which is determined with the aid of the calibration gauge that is part of the set of instruments. Access We start the operation by lateral incision using Kocher or Boyd method of access. Resecting Damaged Radial Head Incision of lig....

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Next, work on the cavity using drills starting from a diameter of 4.5mm, increasing the drill size gradually until the cavity's diameter is 1mm larger than the diameter of the stem we plan to implant. Keep the depth of drilling to the limit line marked on the drill, as per following table: Drills are available with diameters ranging from 4.5 to 10 mm, at 0.5mm increments. Note: When drilling the bone marrow cavity, always start with drill diameter of 4,5mm, which has a sharp tip. The tips of the other drills are dull to eliminate the possibility of damaging the radius corticalis by...

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique Instrumentation set Catalogue Trial Cemented Stem Use the inducer/extractor for inducing/extracting the trial head. Next, check the mobility and stability in flexion, extension, supination, and pronation. Apart from having to determine the exact size of the radial head, it is also essential to choose the right axial angle of the stem, depending on individual anatomic conditions, and place it correctly both in terms of rotation and depth. After verifying proper functioning of the trial components, it is possible to induce definitive components...

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After filling the bone marrow cavity with cement, the implant can be induced, provided that any and all excess cement in the implant’s proximity has been meticulously removed. Finishing the operation The operation ends with induction of a Redon drain, careful reconstruction of the joint capsule and ligament structures. Suture of subcutanea and skin follows.

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique Instrumentation set Catalogue The instruments are laid out in a net to facilitate easy orientation and handling during transport, storage, sterilization, and operation. The net is placed in a container. The layout of the instruments is depicted in the following illustration. SET OF INSTRUMENTS FOR RADIAL HEAD REPLACEMENT NET LAYO UT

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Note: The layout of the net is informative only - it may vary in the future according to innovation changes. 9

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Implant Destription Surgical Technique Instrumentation set Catalogue The heads are made of nitrogen stainless steel (ISO 5832-9). The head surface is polished. The heads are available in four diameters (20, 22, 24, 26mm) and three heights per diameter (S, M, L).

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Cemented Stem The stem is made of nitrogen stainless steel and its surface is polished. It is available in three diameters of the anchoring part (5, 7, 9mm) and two angular positions to the head (5° and 12°). Cemented Stem

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