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BF4000 VAPOR - 1

MADE IN ITALY FABBRICATO IN ITALIA CLEANING LINE BF4000 VAPOR High-pressure steam cleaner for cleaning PRESSURE 10,5 bar STEAM ADJUSTDETERGENT MENT (X2) OUTLET BOILER DRAINING TAP To easily clean the boiler WATER TANK WATER INLET FOR WATER NETWORK DIESEL TANK ANTI-LIMESCALE TANK ADJUSTMENT PANEL STEAM/HOT WATER OUTLET (X2) DETERGENT TANK DETERGENT ADJUSTMENT TECHNICAL DATA Standard By request MAIN FUNCTIONS POWER CONSUMPTION BOILER POWER SUPPLY 2 STEAM OUTLETS F/GUN - EXTERIORS BOILER CAPACITY AVERAGE WATER CONSUMPTION FOR CARWASH 3/5 lt BURNER NOISE LEVEL DETERGENT OUTLET FOR NEBULIZING LANCE STEAM PRESSURE STEAM/HOT WATER FUNCTION BOILER STEAM TEMPERATURE STANDARD WET VAC/CLEANER FUNCTION STEAM PRODUCTION SUITABLE FOR AT-HOME CAR-WASH SERVICES (WITH 12V INVERTER) STEAM OUTLET CONSUMPTION AT FULL CAPACITY DRY/HUMID STEAM ADJUSTMENT SOME APPLICATION INTERIOR’S CLEANING OF CARS AND MOTORCYCLES ADJUSTABLE STEAM/HOT WATER/ DETERGENT JETS TWO STEAM OUTLETS (for more operators at the same time) STEAM HOSE LENGTH DIESEL TANK FOR AT-HOME AND STATIONARY USE ADJUSTABLE STEAM HUMIDITY WATER TANK DETERGENT TANK ANTISCALE TANK COMPLETE SANITIZATION OF LARGE ENVIRONMENTS REMOVAL OF CHEWING-GUM CLEANING OF FLOORINGS, WALLS AND REMOVAL OF GRAFFITI CLEANING OF INDUSTRIAL MACHINES The machine can be equipped with the more suitable accessories for the intended use EFFICIENCY, SAFETY and NOTES RELIABILITY AND SAFETY are guaranteed by a COPPER BOILER. Copper is an explosion-proof and antiscale material. The HEATERS are placed externally, so they NEVER come into contact with water. 1 KW power creates a steam flow equal to 1,2 kg/h (20 g/min). The efficiency of steam is proportional to its flow, not to its pressure. There is no point in having high pressure and a low flow. The whole production is based in Italy, in our plant in Pesaro. SPARE PARTS AND SERVICE BIEFFE guarantees the shipping of spare parts, accessories in very short times. Our efficient help line is available for service and assistance. For spare parts and service: Visit our website: Bieffe is promoter of the initiative PERCHÉ BUTTARE?® (Why throwing away?) that encourages reconditioning as alternative

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BF4000 VAPOR - 2

MADE IN ITALY FABBRICATO IN ITALIA CLEANING LINE BF4000 VAPOR High-pressure steam cleaner for cleaning SOME ACCESSORY KITS AVAILABLE Steam gun 8 mt hose (hose avail. up to 30mt) KIT602BU n.4 CVPOR + n.6 MGOR + n.1 Cap RIP2320 + n.3 Red gaskets AR3M MORE ACCESSORIES RIP0421 Steam gun hose extension 8mt w/connector RIP2324 STEAM LANCES “HEAVY” STEAM LANCES STEAM HOSE EXTENSIONS Fitting 3/4m 3/8f gasket f/extension RIP2313 Detergent lance nozzle/fan/tube RIP0403 Mechanical gun for RIP0406 steam/det. 130cm hose 7mt RIP1433 Detergent for chewing-gum 1 Kg RIP5172 Small brush ø60mm brass bristles...

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