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MADE IN ITALY FABBRICATO IN ITALIA CLEANING LINE Steam cleaner with vacuum for cleaning 1 LIQUID/DUST SUCTION HEAD 2 DIRT COLLECTING STEEL DRUM 3 SUCTION HOSE CONNECTOR 4 HANDLE CONNECTOR 5 BOILER DRAINING TAP to easily clean the boiler 6 WATER TANK (mod. BF089RE) DETERGENT TANK (mod. BF089EPL) 7 WATER AND DETERGENT TANKS (mod. BF089REPL) SIMULTANEOUS STEAM/VACUUM STEAM JET BOILER CAPACITY BOILER REFILLING SYSTEM BOILER POWER STEAM TEMPERATURE CLEANING OF HOTELS, BARS AND RESTAURANTS PRESSURE TEMPERATURE CLEANING OF OFFICES AND APARTMENTS STEAM PRODUCTION LIQUID/DUST VACUUM POWER ASPIRATOR DEPRESSURE STEEL DRUM CAPACITY WASHES AND DRIES WINDOWS, MIRRORS, ST.STEEL SURFANCES AND TILE WATER/DETERGENT EXTERNAL TANK CLEANS AND RECONDITIONS CAR INTERIORS EXTERNAL TANK FOR BOILER REFILLING NOISE LEVEL LIQUID/DUST VACUUM SIMULTANEOUS STEAM AND VACUUM LOW WATER LEVEL ALARM EFFICIENCY, SAFETY and NOTES RELIABILITY AND SAFETY are guaranteed by a COPPER BOILER. Copper is an explosion-proof and antiscale material. The HEATERS are placed externally, so they NEVER come into contact with water. 1 KW power creates a steam flow equal to 1,2 kg/h (20 g/min). The efficiency of steam is proportional to its flow, not to its pressure. There is no point in having high pressure and a low flow. The whole production is based in Italy, in our plant in Pesaro. STEAM/WATER FUNCTION STANDARD LIQUID/DUST SUCTION CORNERS, BASEBOARDS, HOODS AND SUCTION PIPES ELIMINATES MOULDS, BACTERIA AND CHEWING GUM SANITIZES AND CLEANS MATRESSES, SOFAS, CARPETS AND CURTAINS “EMILIO” vacuum motor 1400W Two St. and “EMILIO KIT” “EMILIO RA” with automatic refilling system, vacuum motor 1400W Two St. and “EMILIO KIT” “EMILIO PLUS” with vacuum motor 1400W Two St., “EMILIO KIT” and detergent “EMILIO RA PLUS” with automatic refilling system, vacuum motor 1400W, “EMILIO KIT” and detergent The machine can be equipped with the more suitable accessories for the intended use. SPARE PARTS AND SERVICE BIEFFE guarantees the shipping of spare parts, accessories in very short times. Our efficient help line is available for service and assistance. For spare parts and service: info@bieffeitalia.it Visit our website: www.bieffeitalia.it Bieffe è promotore dell’iniziativa PERCH

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MADE IN ITALY FABBRICATO IN ITALIA CLEANING LINE Steam cleaner with vacuum for cleaning INCLUDED HANDLES CVP Flexible hose steam/ vac 2mt MGK01NW Flexhible hose w/gun 2mt CVA Steam/vac lance acc. holder ø80 CVC Extraction nozzle 140 mm for caperting CVD Small brush for heaters CVF Round brush black moplen ø36 CVG1 Window cleaner nozzle inject/extract 150 mm CVH Steam/vac nozzle 300mm black CVON (X2) Inject/extract extension l.44 Cm MGLND Small brush for MGK04N EMF Suction filter complete OPTION “EMILIO TROLLEY” BF501 Emilio Trolley for an easy moving AVAILABLE DETERGENTS Floor detergent 5...

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