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MADE IN ITALY FABBRICATO IN ITALIA CLEANING LINE MAGIC VAPOR RA 3kW Steam generator for cleaning 5 1 HANDLE: helps to move the machine 2 SAFETY VALVE 3 STEAM ADJUSTMENT 4 COMPACT STAINLESS STEEL FRAME 5 WHEELS: together with the handle, it allows an easy moving 6 BOILER DRAINING TAP: to easily clean the boiler TECHNICAL DATA 7 AUTOMATIC REFILL - Boiler continuous supply - Low water alarm SOME APPLICATION ENVIRONMENTS BUSINESS ACTIVITIES BOILER CAPACITY BOILER POWER STEAM PRESSURE BOILER STEAM TEMP. STEAM PRODUCTION SMALL HOTELS WATER TANK F/BOILER REFILL WEIGHT W/ACCESSORIES BOILER REFILL SOME APPLICATIONS ADJUSTABLE STEAM FLOW ARRANGEMENT FOR IRONING USE LOW WATER SOUND ALARM CLEANING OF DRAINS AND AIR DUCTS REMOVAL OF ODORS BATHROOM FIXTURES, STOVES, SKIRTING BOARDS AND STAIRS REMOVAL OF RUST, MOLDS, FUNGI AND SILICONES WINDOWS AND MIRRORS REMOVAL OF GREASE AND SOOT FROM TILES EFFICIENCY, SAFETY and NOTES RELIABILITY AND SAFETY are guaranteed by a COPPER BOILER. Copper is an explosion-proof and antiscale material. The HEATERS are placed externally, so they NEVER come into contact with water. 1 KW power creates a steam flow equal to 1,2 kg/h (20 g/min). The efficiency of steam is proportional to its flow, not to its pressure. There is no point in having high pressure and a low flow. The whole production is based in Italy, in our plant in Pesaro. SPARE PARTS AND SERVICE BIEFFE guarantees the shipping of spare parts, accessories in very short times. Our efficient help line is available for service and assistance. For spare parts and service: Visit our website: Bieffe is promoter of the initiative PERCHÉ BUTTARE?® (Why throwing away?) that encourages reconditioning as alternative to

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MADE IN ITALY FABBRICATO IN ITALIA CLEANING LINE MAGIC VAPOR RA 3kW Steam generator for cleaning ”MAGIC ACCESSORIES” kit INCLUDED MGK01NW Flexible hose w/gun 2mt MGK03N Steam brush connector MGLND Bent small brush ø26 mm nylon MGK06N Triangular steam brush MGK07N Rectangular steam brush RIP5112 Small brush ø20mm f/ MGK04N st.steel M10 RIP0603 steam gun 1-exit with hose AR313 Interchangeable flat nozzle RIP5113 Small brush ø20mm f/ MGK04N bronze M10 AR312 Interchangeable round nozzle MORE ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE MGK04BN Steam lance w/brass nozzle 19cm MGK04NC Bent steam lance RIP5113 Small...

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