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Endostrabilisator The Endostrabilisator was initially designed to seed endothelial cells on synthetic vascular grafts. Endothelial cells require a specific rotating motion for optimal binding on a given three dimensional matrix. Furthermore, it facilitates an even distribution of cells throughout the entire inner graft surface. With the Endostrabilisator these two prerequisites for the production of biosynthetic vascular grafts can be accurately achieved. Such biosynthetic vascular grafts have been used clinically in several centres in Europe for surgical arterial reconstructions. Besides peripheral vascular grafts, it was also used to endothelialize synthetic aortic coronary bypasses, vascular access shunts and heart valve leaflets. It has also been used to seed Schwann cells into neuron guidance channels, as well as by chemical engineers to cast three dimensional biopolymeres. The Endostrabilisator is a powerful tool for all biotechnological procedures requiring a controlled rotation of three dimensional objects. All its parameters (rotational speed, number of breaks per round, duration of breaks, total time of rotation) can be selected and controlled independently. Handling and cleaning is easy. When used with cellular approaches, it can be placed in a standard CO2 incubator. Endothelial cells on a PTFE blood vessel graft (vital staining) Literature Deutsch M, Meinhart J, Zilla P, Howanietz N, Gorlitzer M, Froeschl A, Stuempflen A, Bezuidenhout D, Grabenwoeger M. Long-term experience in autologous in vitro endothelialization of infrainguinal ePTFE grafts. J Vasc Surg. 2009 Feb;49(2):352-62 Meinhart JG, Schense JC, Schima H, Gorlitzer M, Hubbell JA, Deutsch M, Zilla P. Enhanced endothelial cell retention on shear-stressed synthetic vascular grafts precoated with RGD-cross-linked fibrin. Tissue Eng. 2005 MayJun;11(5-6):887-95. Meinhart JG, Deutsch M, Fischlein T, Howanietz N, Fröschl A, Zilla P. Clinical autologous in vitro endothelialization of 153 infrainguinal ePTFE grafts. Ann Thorac Surg. 2001 May;71(5 Suppl):S327-31. Laube HR, Duwe J, Rutsch W, Konertz W. Clinical experience with autologous endothelial cell-seeded polytetrafluoroethylene coronary artery bypass grafts. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2000 Jul;120(1):134-41. Deutsch M, Meinhart J, Fischlein T, Preiss P, Zilla P. Clinical autologous in vitro endothelialisation of infrainguinal ePTFE grafts in 100 patients: a 9-year experience. Surgery. 1999 Nov;126(5):847-55. Biegler GmbH, Allhangstrasse 18a, 3001 Mauerbach, Austria Tel: +43 1 979 21 05, email: office@biegler.com, www.biegler.com

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