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Iris Magneton I N N OVAT I V E magnetic field therapy

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Innovative magnetic field therapy The earth’s magnetic field has a significant “safety function” for life on earth, whereas in medicine magnetic fields can be used for diagnosis and therapy systems. Biegler Medizinelektronik and Medical Electronics launched the Iris Magneton magnetic field project on the back of initial successes. On account of its modular design and progressive system architecture Iris Magneton has the versatility to handle a wide range of applications in magnetc field therapy. Large Display for user-friendly operation What is so innovative about IRIS Magneton? • Different...

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Iris Magneton I nnovative m a g neti c f ie l d t h e r a p y Which features does IRIS Magneton offer? IRIS Magneton is a device for magnetic field therapy with the following performance data: • Expanded magnetic flux density 1,5 µ T to over 10.000 µ T • Signaltypes: pulses, mPST, multi-resonance, multi-sinus, sawtooth/delta, sinus, amplitude scan, frequency scan, unipolar/bipolar mode • Frequency range: 0,1 Hz to 15.000 Hz • Display of operating parameters, technical transparency • Combined use of mat and cushion Coil applicator • Versatile range of application • Safe and user-friendly...

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IRIS MAGNETON: Major features at a glance • Extensive range of programs • Chip card for individual program selection • Large display for reliable and user-friendly operation • Simultaneous use of two applicators Order information Order no. Qty/PU PC 101 0003 1 IRIS Magneton Mat FE 101 4002 1 IRIS Magneton Cushion FE 101 4001 1 IRIS Magneton Triplex applicator FE 101 4005 1 IRIS Magneton Coil applicator FE 101 4003 1 IRIS Magneton Chip card (pre-programmed) AG 101 4004 1 M anufactu r e r BIEGLER GmbH Allhangstrasse 18a 3001 Mauerbach, Austria T +43 – 1 979 21 05 F +43 – 1 979 21 05 16...

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