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Bora Turbines - 2

The new range of Bien-Air turbines. Ergonomics combined with performance. The new line of Bien-Air turbines combines avantgarde technology with exceptional ergonomics. Their characteristic cutting-edge performance has been further optimised. Their pure, sober lines make them simply unique. Innovative lighting The LED lighting considerably improves the visibility of the operative field. The two Bien-Air monobloc optical glass rods provide ideal distribution of luminous intensity. There is virtually no shadow area. Diffusing a natural white light similar to daylight, the LED has a service...

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Bora Turbines - 3

BORA L BLACKLINE Carbon fiber handle LED light PRESTIGE L BLACKLINE Carbon fiber handle LED light

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Bora Turbines - 4

BLACKLINE. A new benchmark for ergonomics, performance and durability. Imagine an incredibly light instrument, refined, efficient and rugged at the same time. Inspired by the latest technological breakthroughs in the most demanding environments, such as aerospace, sailing and competitive sport, the Blackline product line incorporates a carbon fiber handle on the Bora L and Prestige L turbines. Thanks to the carbon fiber, these turbines are far lighter and easier to handle. Moreover, the carbon fiber offers improved resistance to wear, friction, torsion and impacts. The Blackline turbines...

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Bora Turbines - 5

Benefits of the Blackline product line: - greater lightness and ease of handling - LED light offering optimum visibility a and a10 times longer service life - material resistant to wear, friction, torsion a and impacts

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Bora Turbines - 7

Turbines BORA Bora L Blackline LED turbine Carbon fiber and metal handle Bora L LED and Bora L Blackline LED turbines LED light offering optimum visibility anda service life 10 times longer than that of a light bulb Triple-spray diffuser with three separate air-water ports for optimum bur cooling Ceramic ball bearings for longer service life Speeds up to 320,000 rpm, recommended air pressure 2.7 bar The monobloc optical glass rods and water non-return valve integrated into the handleare designed to resist numerous sterilisation procedures The large push button with anti-heating system...

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Bora Turbines - 8

Bien-Air UK Limited Arundel House Unit 1 - Ground Floor Amberley Court, Whitworth Road Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 7XL England Tel. +44 (0)1293 550 200 Fax +44 (0)1293 520 481 Bien-Air España SA Entença, 169 Bajos 08029 Barcelona, España Tel. (+34) 934 25 30 40 Fax +34) 934 23 98 60 ( Bien-Air USA, Inc. Medical Technologies 5 Corporate Park Suite 160 Irvine, CA 92606, USA Phone 1-800-433-BIEN Phone 949-477-6050 Fax 949-477-6051 Bien-Air France Sarl 55-57, avenue Jean Lolive 93508 Pantin Cedex, France Tel. +33 (0)1 41 83 60 70 Fax +33 (0)1...

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