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mx2 system welcome to a new dimension Bien-Air has positioned itself as the world leader in electric micromotors. And this has not happened by chance. Some have even revolutionised modern dental techniques. Power, high torque, absence of vibration and reliability… the assets that make Bien-Air micromotors so unique. The accuracy, power and long service life of the MX2 actually depend directly on the qualities of   I its dedicated Optima MX2 NT control unit. Thanks to Smart Logic technology, the latter offers ultimate control of the power required, linearly and without vibration, while at...

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  I Purity of form and elegance are features of the Optima MX2 NT, which has been specially created to fit all types of dental units. Its new unique mounting system allows the screen to be wivelled to provide optimum visibility in all positions. MICRO-SERIES The Bien-Air Micro-Series brings together the new series of Bien-Air compact contra-angles and handpieces and the new generation of micromotors with LED light. Lighter and more compact, the Micro-Series combinations offer exceptional grip and balance. QUALITY LED Bien-Air is setting new standards in the field of LED lighting. Adjustable...

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Classic combination MX2 MIcro-series compact and balanced The MX2 micromotor offers the best performance on the market whilst remaining incredibly compact. Coupled with the new Bien-Air Micro-Series instruments, the LED MX2 Micro-Series offers similar dimensions to a turbine. The lightweight MX2 combines user comfort with the best performance an electric instrument can provide.

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Mx2 system TWO INSTRUMENTS FOR ALL YOUR INTERVENTIONS Thanks to the unique performance of the combi  I nation of micromotors and Optima MX2 NT - DMX2 control units, no more than two contra-angle handpieces are now needed for the majority of dental restoration, prophylactic or endodontic work, including procedures using NiTi tools. The available speed range with the CA 1:1 and CA 1:5 is 100 to 200,000 rpm. This remarkable progress makes it possible to reduce the number of instruments in the practice. 1 red 1:5 contra-angle and 1 blue 1:1 contra-angle are all you will require for all your...

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With its shortened nose, the MX2 Micro-Series micromotor is compatible with all type E instruments (ISO 3964) as well as with the ultra-short Micro-Series instruments. The MX2 brushless micromotor, with adjustable LED light, is Bien-Air’s latest little prodigy. Combined with the new Bien-Air Micro-Series instruments, you will benefit from a unit that is 30 % shorter and 23 % lighter. The result is unparalleled balance and comfort, while still giving the performance of the famous MX: constant power, perfect control of the speed, torque and reversing the direction of rotation. Thanks to Smart...

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MX2 Micro-Series micromotor the little prodigy torque Bien-Air MX2 LEDLED Bien-Air MX2 Brand K K Marque Brand ST ST Marque Brand W W Marque Brand N The MX2 is not just the most powerful dental micromotor on the market, it also offers perfect regulation. Thanks to the Smart Logic electronic control, the power is automatically regulated, adapting immediately to variations in pressure, even during complex endodontic, prophylactic or restorative procedures. For these kinds of operations, the MX2 offers an exemplary level of safety thanks to the subtle control of the NiTi tool’s speed of...

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INT OPTIMA MX2  take control Optima MX2   is particularly versatile. This control unit offers pre-programmed modes for all the main restorative operations and for endodontics. A true all-in-one system, it also makes your life simpler: two contra-angle handpieces are sufficient to perform the vast majority of dentistry operations. This results in improved comfort as INT well as a time saving. The Optima MX2   interface has 10 preprogrammed sequences for Thanks to its Easy-Nav philosophy, the Optima endodontic operations and 10 sequences for INT MX2   is incredibly intuitive and adapts to...

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technical data Main functions modifiable at all times Selection of one of the 40 programmes, actual instrument speed, adjustable torque, handpiece ratio, with or without lighting, light intensity, selection of 5 languages Optima MX2INT set with DMX2 Pro Endo for 1 micromotor Optima MX2 set with DMX2 Pro Endo for 1 micromotor Optima MX2INT set with DMX2 Pro Endo for 1 micromotor Optima MX2INT set with DMX2 Pro for 2 micromotors set with DMX2 Plus for 1 micromotor Optima MX2INT set with DMX2 Plus for 1 micromotor dmx2 sets DMX2 Pro Endo set for 1 micromotor Brushless, with internal spray...

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Bien-Air UK Limited Arundel House Unit 1 - Ground Floor Amberley Court, Whitworth Road Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 7XL England Tel. +44 (0)1293 550 200 Fax +44 (0)1293 520 481 ba-uk@bienair.com Bien-Air España SA Entença, 169 Bajos 08029 Barcelona, España Tel. (+34) 934 25 30 40 Fax +34) 934 23 98 60 ( ba-e@bienair.com Bien-Air USA, Inc. Medical Technologies 5 Corporate Park Suite 160 Irvine, CA 92606, USA Phone 1-800-433-BIEN Phone 949-477-6050 Fax 949-477-6051 ba-usa@bienair.com Bien-Air France Sarl 55-57, avenue Jean Lolive 93508 Pantin Cedex, France Tel. +33 (0)1 41 83 60 70 Fax +33 (0)1...

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