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PROLAB Basic Electronic laboratory control unit Speed adjustment by thumb wheel ON/OFF switch Motor presence indicator Motor overheating Overheating of the electronics unit Maximum speed function, 40,000 rpm. If the function is not actuated, the speed is limited to 30,000 rpm Reversal of direction of rotation function Simple and efficient Simplified version. Speed adjustable by thumb wheel from 1,000 rpm to 40,000 rpm. Buttons for selection of Forward/Reverse and for speed limiting to a maximum of 30,000 rpm. Indicator lamps warning of overheating of the motor and control unit, and of motor connection. The motor is self-ventilated, easy to handle and rugged, especially suitable for laboratory requirements, and provided with an E Standard coupling as per ISO 3964, matching most handpieces. Motor cooling system Motor and PML 1:1 The efficient, rugged Prolab motor, self-ventilated and without brushes or sensors, is fitted with the E Standard coupling as per ISO 3964, the commonest coupling in the world. Specially designed for Prolab laboratory control units, it operates smoothly at all speeds. An ideal extension, the direct-ratio straight handpiece PML 1:1 is provided with a very efficient enhanced bur locking system and motor antirotation system. Rotational speeds up to 40,000 rpm. Maximal speed of rotation 40,000 rpm. * The PML 1:1 handpiece is not included in the PROLAB sets

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Laboratory - 2

Product Improvements With On/Off pedal With progressive pedal The Prolab Basic set comprises: • 1 Prolab Basic unit with choice of floor pedals, On/Off or progressive • 1 motor cable • 1 unit mounting • 1 support for instrument Optional Accessories: Self-ventilated Prolab motor, E Standard coupling as per ISO 3964, speed from 1,000 to 40,000 rpm maximum, in both directions of rotation or PM Prolab handpiece with integral motor, speed from 1,000 to 50,000 rpm, in both directions of rotation. Speed limited to 40,000 rpm with Prolab Basic Prolab Prolab Prolab Prolab Basic, Basic, Basic, Basic,...

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