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MORE PERFORMANCE WITH LESS INVESTMENT. The advantages of the electric handpiece over its air-driven counterpart are most apparent when measuring a dental practice’s efficiency and productivity. Because of its high cutting power and constant torque, the electric handpiece allows for procedures to be completed faster. This gives dentists the possibility to optimize their time and take on new patients. While everyone wants a more efficient and productive business, the costs associated with transitioning to the adequate dental unit can be considerable. This is when the OPTIMA comes into play....

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Optima - 3

SIMPLICITY IS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. The least complicated things often turn out to be the most efficient. From its practical design to its seamless setup and operation, every aspect of the OPTIMA was thought-out with simplicity in mind. Connect electric handpieces on any delivery unit with remarkable ease. • HOOK UP your existing turbine supply hose to the OPTIMA control box and you are ready to go. No technician and no special skills required. • CHOOSE your maximum speed on the OPTIMA control box and operate your electric handpiece using your unit’s existing foot pedal.

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Optima - 4

THE MCX-LED BRUSHLESS MICROMOTOR. RELIABLE ENDURANCE. BIEN-AIR MICRO-SERIES. UP TO 30 PERCENT SHORTER AND 23 PERCENT LIGHTER. With close to one million pieces shipped worldwide, Bien-Air’s prize-winning electric motors are indisputably the most popular on the market today. They redefine modern dental standards with superior precision and ergonomics. The MCX-LED motor is significantly smaller and lighter than conventional models. Use it with Micro-Series instruments for a micromotor/instrument assembly that is shorter than a turbine, guaranteeing optimal balance and reduced hand fatigue. An...

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Life-time lubricated ball bearings for maintenance-free advantage 7 DEFINING FEATURES OF THE OPTIMA. UP TO 4 YEARS WARRANTY1 Brushless technology for extended service life Forward/reverse operation for improved flexibility and versatility without protection Smart Logic™ control for adjustable speed Gold Connect for excellent electrical conductivity and improved resistance to oxidatio

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TECHNICAL DATA MOTOR Designation Type_ Applications Endodontics function Speed range Maximum torque Torque control Weight Dimensions Light Ball bearings Sterilizable Hose mounting/rotation Warranty TABLETOP CONTROL UNIT Interface Weight Dimensions (LxWxH) Power pack voltage/frequency Color Warranty Reference MCX-LED Brushless, internal spray Restorative - Prophylaxis N/A 1,000-40,000 rpm 2.5 Ncm No 78 g ~ 0 21mm x 42mm LED Life-time lubricated ball bearings Yes, without protection Screw/0° 3-4 years1 iOPTIMA ENJOY SUPERIOR SERVICE WITH CLUB BIEN-AIR. MX2-LED Brushless, internal spray...

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Bien-Air Dental SA Langgasse 60 Case postale 2500 Bienne 6, Switzerland Tel. +41 (0)32 344 64 64 Fax +41 (0)32 344 64 91 dental@bienair.com Bien-Air Deutschland GmbH Jechtinger StraRe 11 79111 Freiburg, Germany Tel. +49 (0)761 45 57 40 Fax +49 (0)761 47 47 28 ba-d@bienair.com Bien-Air Espana SA Entenga, 169 bajos 08029 Barcelona, Spain Tel. +34 934 25 30 40 Fax +34 934 23 98 60 ba-e@bienair.com Bien-Air USA, Inc. 5 Corporate Park Suite 160 Irvine, CA 92606, USA Tel: 1-800-433-BIEN Tel: +1 949-477-6050 Fax +1 949-477-6051 ba-usa@bienair.com Bien-Air Asia Ltd. Nishi-Ikebukuro Daiichi-Seimei...

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