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Prof. Dr. DANIEL BUSER Teacher and Director of the Clinic of Oral Surgery and Stomatology zmk bern, University of Berne.

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“  THE PHYSIODISPENSERS T HAT REALLY MEET MY EXPECTATIONS “ PROF. DR. DANIEL BUSER Implantology is a demanding discipline, which Always at the forefront of innovation, Bien-Air is why Bien-Air leaves nothing to chance. now offers systems unrivaled by competitors. Created by practitioners for practitioners, our implantology devices are highly efficient, extremely versatile and designed for a range of clinical applications. Prof. Dr. Daniel Buser has written or co-written over 250 publications, including the “ITI Treatment Guide” collection. Prof. Buser is president of the ITI, president of...

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BIEN-AIR REINVENTS IMPLANTOLOGY FOR YOUR COMFORT Our unique, intuitive and comprehensive interfaces guarantee unrivalled performance and ease of use. The high torque of Bien-Air micromotors offers you incomparable working comfort, at both high and low speeds. Furthermore, our lifetime-lubricated ceramic ball bearings guarantee you exceptional service life and reliability. Our contra-angles feature a unique internal irrigation system which ensures optimal handling. You mentioned user-friendliness ? – Pre-programmed complete operating sequences for the main implant systems – Customisable...

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USER MIND Bien-Air has reinvented medical instrumentation by combining technological intelligence and the user experience. Ingenuity and pleasure go hand in hand with unrivalled ease of use. DUALOOK The two glass fibre rods provide the best lighting on the market and are robust enough to withstand all conditions. MICRO-SERIES More compact and lighter assemblies, for exceptional balance and handling. SMART LOGIC The most high-precision control ever obtained. Torque, speed and tool position controlled to perfection, even at low speeds. CARE FREE Thanks to its lifetime-lubricated ceramic ball...

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iChiropro A REVOLUTION FROM BIEN-AIR The iChiropro is the physiodispenser everyone’s talking about. It’s no exaggeration to say that this little wonder - Bien-Air’s latest creation - is a revolutionary assembly in terms of innovation, performance and user comfort. Available from the Apple App Store, the iChiropro application can be customised as desired. In addition, new innovative functions will regularly be added to further enhance the capability and performance levels of your physiodispenser. With the iChiropro, operations are made significantly easier thanks to an intuitive and...

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The iChiropro is designed for multiple users, each of whom can save their own settings. – Multiple users – Simplified operations – Pre-programmed operating sequences – Customised sequences – Integrated patient file – Operation report – Back-up, export and send data – Free application from Apple App Store

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iChiropro iChiropro Surgery Save a lot of time by combining comfort and efficiency. The iChiropro incorporates complete operating sequences for all the major implant manufacturers on the market (up to 30). All settings can, of course, be customised and saved according to individual user needs, from preparation of the implant site to insertion of the implant. ly modifiable, to facilitate your operations: speed, torque, direction of rotation, irrigation ow rate, lighting intensity, data saving, etc. An operation report containing graphics and tables can be attached to your patient file. This...

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CHIROPRO L AND CHIROPRO EFFICIENCY AND VERSATILITY The Chiropro L features 7 of the main implant systems on the market. Their complete pre-programmed clinical sequences are displayed on the screen. Chiropro L can also be customised according to your needs and adapted to each user. Only a few seconds are needed to define, save or modify your program. Designed to simplify your daily practice, the Chiropro L unit is infinitely versatile, allowing numerous clinical applications such as implantology, endodontics and dental surgery. The Chiropro is a simplified version exclusively dedicated to...

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The MX-i LED micromotor is first and foremost a model of stability. It offers great working comfort at both high and low speeds. The high torque of the new MX-i LED makes it one of the most powerful micromotors on the market. Depending on the torque needed, the power is regulated and stabilised by the electronic system. This allows the speed to be maintained with great precision throughout the operation. Thanks to its lifetime-lubricated ceramic ball bearings, the MX-i LED is sterilisable and yet maintenance-free. This ensures optimal hygiene and start-up, and also offers exceptional...

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Self-ventilated micromotor Incomparable lighting quality: The MX-i LED micromotor incorporates an LED whose luminous intensity can be adjusted according to your sensitivity (10 setting levels). The LED diffuses a natural white light similar to daylight, with a service life 10 times greater than that of a traditional light bulb.

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MICRO-SERIES 20:1 L CONTRA-ANGLE ERGONOMICS ABOVE ALL Bien-Air’s innovation guarantees you ever greater comfort. The new Micro-Series 20:1 L contra-angle is the perfect illustration. It incorporates an internal irrigation system - a world first. The irrigation line is attached at the rear end of the contra-angle, thus freeing you of its cumbersome presence in the hand. The physiological liquid ows vertically through an orifice in the base of the handpiece. It runs along the bur, thus providing optimum irrigation, especially when fitting implants with surgical guides. To ensure maximum...

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TECHNICAL DATA iCHiropro Micromotor voltage LED micromotor 1 quick-connect connection/32 Vdc for MX-i Insulation class Protection class Peristaltic pump Flow rate 30-125 ml/min Irrigation bracket Stainless steel, height 440 mm iPad 1, iPad 2 and new iPad iPad protective film 1501746-010 iChiropro ref. iChiropro set with Micro-Series CA 20:1 L iChiropro set without Micro-Series CA 20:1 L chiropro L / chiropro Micromotor voltage 1 quick-connect connection/32 Vdc for MX-i LED and MX-i Insulation class Protection class Peristaltic pump Flow rate 30-125 ml/min Irrigation bracket Stainless steel,...

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