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Klessidra 2.0 - 1

Improving Pathology Work in safety without changing your habits* It doesn’t reduce the exposure to formalin, it eliminates it! In conformity to European Regulation 605/2014 *with atoxic buffer for an easy release of small biopsies

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Klessidra 2.0 - 2

1 Open the container with the yellow lid and scroll the needle to release the biopsy 2 Screw the prefilled formalin container with the blue lid on the container with the biopsy and rotate the lid in position O (Open) 3 Tilt the device and let the formalin flow to the lower container 4 Rotate again the lid in position C (close) PACKAGING : 10 ml of neutral buffered formalin 12% + 20 ml of phosphate buffer in container of 55 ml capacity Packaging 27 pcs RACK : 16 places plexiglass rack for the transport of Klessidra Packaging 2 pcs Headquarter Bio-Optica Milano S.p.a. via San Faustino, 58...

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