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Monophasic osteoconductive scaffold that favors bone regeneration TriOSS® is a synthetic resorbable bone substitute. Intended for bony voids that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bone structure. TriOSS® is used in Orthopaedic, Traumatology, dental surgery and spine surgery. e material is synthetic, does not contain animal or human tissues or derivates. Developed under the rigorous standards and quality control of the medical device industry. Bioceramed is a ISO 13485 certified company, and our products are CE marked. Absence of immune infectious response or disease transmission. TriOSS is composed entiretely of β-Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP), favouring a faster resorption rate.. TriOSS ® is a porous scaffold with interconnected porosity, enhancing the vascularization and colonization of the graft by the bone cells. TriOSS ® is available in various granules, blocks and wedges sizes. OTHER BENEFITS TriOSS® is radiopaque, which allows the observation of the healing process. e use of synthetic grafts avoids the autograft procedure thus minimizing the complications and morbidities associated and reducing the surgery time. e material and biological characteristics of osteoindctive calcium phosphate ceramics. Regenerative biomaterials, v.5, n.1, p. 43-59, 2017. 2. BOULER, Jean-Michel et al. Biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics for bone reconstruction: A review of biological response. Acta biomaterialia, v.53, p. 1-12, 2017. bioceramed biomaterials for tissue regeneration

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SPINE SURGERY DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY Interbody fusion (e.g. cages) Filling of bone curettage Sinus lift Fractures, gaps or skeletal system defects (extremities, long bone, pelvis, among others.) Alveolar ridge augmentation Knee osteotomy Non-unions Neobone® block 10x10x5 mm - 1 uni. TriOSS® Blocks TriOSS® Irregular granules 0,5-1 mm - 1g Neobone® block 10x10x5 mm - 3 uni. TriOSS® Blocks TriOSS® Irregular granules 0,5-1 mm - 2g Neobone® block 10x10x5 mm - 5 uni. TriOSS® Blocks TriOSS® Irregular granules 1-2 mm - 0,5g Neobone® block 10x30x5 mm - 1 uni. TriOSS® Blocks TriOSS® Irregular granules...

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