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The RTM600™ Rehabilitation Treadmill is designed to adapt to specific rehabilitation needs. True zero starting speed, 400 lb patient capacity, retro-walking, forward and reverse, uphill and downhill. RTM600™ Treadmill Larger Monitor and Enhanced Software BIODEX www.biodex.com

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RTM600™ 12.1" high resolution color touch screen LCD display provides instant biofeedback with audio-visual prompts for the patient Sturdy Functional Standard Support Bar Safety Lanyard when disengaged, belt movement stops immediately “I need a treadmill designed for my physical rehabilitation clinic. It has to start at 0 mph and not overspeed. It must also allow me to prescribe retro-walking, forward and reverse, uphill and downhill.” Heart Rate Monitoring Polar® contact handgrips (telemetry compatible) feature to accommodate unweighing harness Heart Rate Monitoring by Open Platform offers...

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FEATURES INCLUDE: ENHANCED SOFTWARE The large LCD touch-screen display allows for easy selection of modes of operation: Quick Start, Manual Start and Profile. Quick Start gets you up and going fast with .25 mile scaled track views. • Speed Range – Starts at 0 mph with 0.1 mph speed increments (0-10 mph range); safely accommodates diverse patient populations. • Exercise Profiles - Choose from one of the preprogrammed profiles or design your own and store it in memory for instant recall. Large print screen settings, simple to use, easy to see… perfect for the older adult. • Reverse Belt...

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applications Orthopedic, Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Exercise Use uphill or downhill walking and jogging to emphasize specific muscle groups or motions. Use retro-walking to promote the use of reciprocal muscle groups not normally exercised during forward walking alone. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Monitor heart rate with Polar® contact handgrips. MET level displayed for easy compliance to patient exercise prescriptions. Belt speeds as low as 0.1 mph to accommodate even the most deconditioned patient. Orthopedic, sports medicine and athletic training exercise Older Adult Exercise With...

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