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INTRODUCING THE NEW BIODEX SYSTEM 4 Still the fastest way to identify, treat and document the physical impairments that cause functional limitations. DISTINGUISH YOURSELF S4… the only choice for the people who know the difference. Get the full story at

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Distinguish Yourself... S4 offers virtually unlimited functional patterns to help you treat and document a wider patien

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t base than any other system. Biodex S4 The most popular and advanced dynamometer in the world just got better and easier to use. Over 25 years have passed since Biodex introduced the world’s first multi-mode computerized robotic dynamometer. That event and subsequent “firsts” have made the Biodex dynamometer the choice of the most distinguished clinics and research facilities around the world. Sports and orthopedic medicine, pediatric medicine, neurorehabilitation, older adult medicine, industrial medicine, and researchers depend on Biodex to provide consistent, accurate objective data....

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...pioneering breakthroughs in neuromuscular testing and rehabilitation technologies. The Reactive Eccentric mode for submaximal neuromuscular re-education in the early phases of rehabilitation The System 4 responds only to the patient’s force output. To initiate movement, the patient must produce and maintain a pre-determined minimum amount of force. This loads the muscles surrounding the joint, producing a pre-load, thus stabilizing and protecting the joint. Eccentric torque up to 400 ft-lb (542 Nm) Passive Motion Mode • The Passive Motion mode is a multi-function modality. Unique control...

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Advanced Technology Based on accepted science, backed by independent studies, supported by clinical protocols and normative data Torque limits can be set as low as .5 ft-lb (.7 Nm). If a torque limit is exceeded during an eccentric contraction, the System stops. Once the patient’s torque output drops below the prescribed limit, movement is allowed. This unique capability allows patients to work safely at definitively prescribed sub-maximal force levels while combining isometric, concentric and eccentric contractions for: - developing strength - decreasing joint effusion - increasing range...

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#2: Select or create a test or rehabilitation protocol. ...communicate need, progress and outcome clearly and accurately. #3: Set the Range of Motion - need help? Simply refer to the on-demand audio and visual aids. INTRODUCING ADVANTAGE SOFTWARE 4.0 Advantage Software™ 4.0 is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, feature-rich software that has ever been released for human performance testing and rehabilitation. Software that is intelligent and intuitive; software that mirrors the way you think and work. Advantage Software™ helps motivate patients with on-screen charts and graphics that...

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Simple, Logical, Intuitive – No other system is faster or easier to use YOUR LETTERHEAD YOUR LETTERHEAD #4: Test or rehabilitate the patient. Rehabilitation Progress Report This report presents important measures of patient performance over a time period in a simple, easy to understand format. System 4 is the cornerstone of an evidence based rehabilitation program; strength, range of motion, pain and up to four other parameters, not necessarily from the System 4, can be entered to present status and progress. For example you can enter and track balance results, joint laxity measurements...

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FALL RIS K SCREEN ING & COND ITIONIN G FN: 05-354 Road, Shirley, EVIDENCE-BASED ClINICAl PROTOCOlS “The Clini cal Adva ntage” ™ Fall Risk Screen (#---------????? ing & Cond --------) itionin g - Determ ine if patients - Improve are at risk mobilit to fall y - Maintai n indepen dence 11967-4704 , Tel: 800-224-63 Biodex Medical 39 (In NY Systems, Inc. and Int’l. call 631-924-90 sales@biode, www.biodex .com SPORTS AND ORThOPEDIC MEDICINE Whether your orthopedic and Sports Medicine practice is allowed only limited visits or you have the luxury of managing a complete recovery, Biodex is...

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Versatility, Marketability Affordable solutions for orthopedic, sport, pediatric, industrial, neurological and older adult patients To stay competitive in today's dynamic physical medicine marketplace, you need to be adaptable. To be adaptable, you need equipment that can keep pace with progressive thinking and innovative therapies. You need dependable, versatile tools that give you the means to take on new challenges and extend capabilities. You need a device that can be used to test and rehabilitate patients ranging from the most frail to world class, elite athletes. You need the Biodex...

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SUPERIOR TESTING, TRAINING & TREATMENT P Biodex... the world leader in neuromuscular evaluation & therapeutic exercise WA/Zf j«* can perform an utdtmited uitmi/er af iwlaied putterm addmstHx tht shoulder, ktta. hip. ankle, uritl and t/fmu: tbt chart aim* shou < Just iuwe <>} tlx man cnmmoit patterns and appitcathm pwsihle u ith the fiiiJtx System 4. For m<at detail} <>r addttimial .wjy>iW f»>.wti«M n/tr ft ywr User Manturf, thit u u-u-.bioJtX-CoHi.'syfttttW '* o/ma<t our Clinical Fdt/iat/tm Lkparfttunt at KIM)-224-6339 l/» XVa*JiHtrmtlioifjj. cail 6 fl->)J4-90tMit or Email;...

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Unmatched Testing, Training and Treatment More than biomechanically correct, System 4 attachments are part of an integrated system designed to make set-up faster and easier If you are an experienced Biodex clinician, you will find System 4 even easier to use than previous systems; if you are new to Biodex, the expanded array of on-demand audio and visual aids, colorcoded set-up icons and full color positioning posters make set-up and positioning easy to learn. The on-demand audio and visual aids take you step-by-step through each attachment set-up, the new four-color poster acts as a...

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Education Biodex is your long-term partner in the development of positive outcomes. Biodex education programs ensure that clinicians remain aware of current developments and that the equipment is used correctly. Installation Biodex Systems are installed by a certified application specialist and include a one-day in-service training program. Step-bystep hands-on training will show you how to use and maximize your Biodex equipment to help you meet your specific demands. CONTINUING EDUCATION In addition, Biodex provides on-going Application Training Workshops, scheduled throughout the year...

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