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biologics product catalog

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global leader for biologic based solutions BioHorizons commitment to science, innovation and service has helped us become one of the fastest growing companies in the dental industry. highest quality standards BioHorizons partners with national tissue banks who take extraordinary measures to ensure the recovery and processing of all tissue meets or exceeds the guidelines set forth by the AATB and FDA. clinically proven BioHorizons is committed to developing evidence-based and scientifically proven products. With over 245 publications, our comprehensive biologics product portfolio has proven...

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table of contentsBiologics Bone Grafting Options MinerOss® Blend MinerOss® Putty MinerOss® Cancellous MinerOss® Cortical MinerOss® Block Allograft Grafton® DBM MinerOss® X MinerOss® XP Bone Grafting Applications Soft Tissue Augmentation AlloDermTM Regenerative Tssue Matrix (RTM) AlloDerm GBRTM Regenerative Tssue Matrix (RTM) Soft Tssue Augmentation Applications Resorbable Wound Dressings BioPlug BioStrip Resorbable Wound Dressing Applications Dental Membranes Mem-Lok® Resorbable Collagen Membrane (RCM) Mem-Lok® Pliable Mem-Lok® Pericardium Cytoplast™ Titanium-Reinforced Dense PTFE...

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applications include1 • extraction site grafting • periodontal defects • lateral and vertical ridge augmentation • sinus grafting • peri-implant defects • composite grafting with Grafton® DBM applications include1 • ridge and sinus augmentation • peri-implant defects • extraction socket grafting • periodontal defects MinerOss® Blend In 2004, BioHorizons pioneered the combination of mineralized cortical and cancellous chips with an optimal size range. Today, MinerOss® Blend is the most popular allograft blend in the U.S. market. MinerOss® Blend forms an osteoconductive scaffold for volume...

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BONE GRAFTING OPTIONS MinerOss® family of allografts applications include1 • ridge and sinus augmentation • socket grafting • periodontal defects • grafting for implant placement MinerOss® Cancellous is a mineralized allograft cancellous bone particle. The osteoconductive properties along with the fast remodeling time allow for rapid revascularization and predictable results. MinerOss® Cancellous provides ideal handling characteristics for regeneration procedures of all sizes. "MinerOss® Cancellous is an outstanding choice for particulate grafting. Its exceptional handling and predictable...

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MinerOss® family of allografts MinerOss® Block Allograft MinerOss® Block Allograft is pre-hydrated and ready for immediate implantation using patent pending Aqueous Solution Preservation (ASP). MinerOss® Block Allograft restores bone volume and provides an alternative to harvesting an autogenous block graft from the patient therefore eliminating the need for a second surgical procedure. applications include1 • bone remodeling • block grafting procedures • bony defects Grafton® DBM Grafton® DBM incorporates potent DBF (demineralized bone fibers) technology to ensure superior...

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MinerOss® family of xenografts Available in a variety of options, MinerOss® X is an anorganic bovine bone mineral matrix that is physically and chemically comparable to the mineral structure of human bone. The MinerOss® X family of xenografts* can be used in a wide variety of grafting applications. applications include1 • ridge and sinus augmentation • extraction socket grafting • infrabony periodontal defects • grafting for implant placement MinerOss® X Particulate is available in either cancellous or cortical form. The complex trabecular architecture and natural consistency allow for...

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MinerOss® XP Highly porous anorganic porcine bone mineral matrix designed for hard tissue grafting applications. Increased porosity allows for optimal osteoconductivity and adequate space for new bone deposition. applications include1 • ridge and sinus augmentation • extraction socket grafting • infrabony periodontal defects • grafting for implant placement SEM images of MinerOss XP illustrate a structure that is similar to a natural bone mineral which is highly porous to provide more space for new bone deposition and a rough surface which facilitates cell adhesion and spread for bone...

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Bone Grafting Applications periodontal    4-wall    3-wall    sinus    ridge    grafting for    block defects    extraction    extraction    augmentation augmentation    implant    grafting sockets    sockets    placement MinerOss Putty MinerOss® Cancellous MinerOss Cortical MinerOss® Block Allograft

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SOFT TISSUE AUGMENTATION AlloDermTM Regenerative Tissue Matrix Since its introduction to dentistry in 1997, AlloDermTM Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM) has been a widely accepted acellular dermal matrix (ADM) for soft tissue applications. AlloDermTM RTM supports tissue regeneration by allowing rapid revascularization, white cell migration, and cell population – ultimately being transformed into host tissue for a strong, natural repair. (Thickness ranges from 0.9-1.6mm) • most published ADM in implant dentistry • reduced post-operative complications as shown in trials6 • randomized clinical...

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SOFT TISSUE AUGMENTATION AlloDerm GBRTM Regenerative Tissue Matrix AlloDerm GBRTM Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM) is manufactured utilizing the same proprietary process used for AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM), however AlloDerm GBRTM RTM is used as an effective barrier membrane that transitions into the patient’s own tissue.9 (Thickness ranges from 0.5-0.9mm) • benefits soft tissue quality and serves as a barrier membrane9 • less technique sensitive due to its ability to be exposed during healing10 • demonstrated alternative to bioabsorbable membranes11 applications include1 •...

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