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External Dental Implant Catalog

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uncompromised strength, proven success externalimplant systemBIO HORIZONS® SCIENCE • INNOVATION • SERVICE

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BioHorizons is dedicated to developing evidence-based and scientifically proven products. From the launch of the External implant system (Maestro) in 1997 to the Laser-Lok 3.0 implant in 2010, dental professionals as well as patients have confidence in our comprehensive portfolio of dental implants and biologics products. Our commitment to science, innovation and service has aided us in becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the dental industry. BioHorizons has helped restore smiles in 85 markets throughout Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe. global...

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Product Catalog Implants, Healing Abutments & Cover Screws    4-5 Literature & Support Material    10 W&H Surgical Motors & Accessories    11 Locator Abutment Components    18-19 Ball Abutment Components    20-21 Abutment for Screw Components    22-23 Surgical Manual Introduction & Surgical Protocols    26-27 Cover Screws & Healing Abutments    37 Icon Legend & References    40 Ordering & Warranty Information    41

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external Originally known as the Maestro, the External implant has performed masterfully in every published study since its launch in 1997. With success rates from 98.5% to 100% in studies of up to 1,400 implants in a wide variety of placement and loading conditions,1 clinicians can confidently rely on the External to achieve consistent, reproducible results necessary to build a successful implantology practice. • Transmits 10 times less destructive shear than conventional v-threads2 • Shown to achieve bone-to-implant contact levels of 80.6%3 • Higher reverse torque values than conventional...

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A prospective, multicenter trial showed a 5-year cumulative success rate of 99.5% for 495 External implants in 151 patients. There were no significant differences in the results by center, implant type, bone density, area of the mouth or prosthesis type. Crestal bone loss from prosthesis delivery to one-year follow-up was extremely low (0.06mm), and actually turned into bone gain at later follow-up intervals.5 Radiographs of External implants in function for more than 6 years. Note that the crestal bone levels are maintained above the level of the first thread. Courtesy of Dr. Carl E Misch....

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A Please refer to the External -7mm Length Implants manual (ref. L0151) for detailed instructions for use of the prosthetic components for 7mm implants. *Each 7mm implant comes packaged with the 3inOne Abutment, a short cover screw and a short Abutment Screw.

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Use for tissue healing at second-stage uncovery or as a transmucosal element for single-stage procedures. Color-coded by implant diameter. Hand-tighten with the .050" (1.25mm) Hex Driver. Titanium Alloy. Straight Emergence Cover Screws Packaged with each implant. Protects the implant's prosthetic platform during submerged surgical healing. Color-coded by implant diameter. Hand-tighten with the .050" (1.25mm) Hex Driver. Titanium Alloy. 3.5mm Cover Screw 4.0mm Cover Screw 5.0mm Cover Screw 6.0mm Cover Screw 3.5mm Short Cover Screw (for 7mm length implants) 4.0mm Short Cover Screw (for 7mm...

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Individual Surgical Kit Components 160-500 External Surgical Kit Includes all instruments (except 122-12 507) shown on pages 6-7. 160-200 Surgical Tray & Lid (without instruments) Straight Parallel Pins (4 per kit) 20° Angled Parallel Pins (2 per kit) products shown not to scale 2.5 x 7mm Depth Drill (sold separately) 2.5 x 9mm Depth Drill 2.5 x 10.5mm Depth Drill 2.5 x 12mm Depth Drill 2.5 x 15mm Depth Drill 2.5mm Depth Drill (without Depth Stop) 3.0mm Width Increasing Drill 3.4mm Width Increasing Drill 3.9mm Width Increasing Drill 4.4mm Width Increasing Drill 4.9mm Width Increasing...

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SURGICAL KIT COMPONENTS Individual Surgical Kit Components 3.5mm Crestal Bone Drill 4.0mm Crestal Bone Drill 5.0mm Crestal Bone Drill 6.0mm Crestal Bone Drill 3.5mm Implant-level Insertion Tool* 4.0mm Implant-level Insertion Tool* 5.0/6.0mm Implant-level Insertion Tool* 300-206 4mm Square Drive Extender* Replaced 300-205 starting in June 2010. Includes PEEK C-ring for durable retention in Ratchet. Cannot be used with bone taps. Implant Spacer / Depth Probe *instrument o-rings & c-rings wear out over time. If an instrument is no longer held securely by its associated driver, order a...

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Extended Shank Drills (not included in Surgical Kit) Extended Shank Drills are 8mm longer than our standard drills. They provide an intermediary increase in length between the standard drills used alone, or with the Drill Extender (ref. 122-100), which adds 16mm of length. The depth marks and cutting geometry are identical to our standard drills. 2.0mm Starter Drill, Extended Shank 2.5 x 7mm Depth Drill, Extended Shank 2.5 x 9mm Depth Drill, Extended Shank 2.5 x 10.5mm Depth Drill, Extended Shank 2.5 x 12mm Depth Drill, Extended Shank 2.5 x 15mm Depth Drill, Extended Shank 2.5mm Depth...

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Ancillary Instruments (not included in Surgical Kit)122-110    2.0mm Lindemann Bone Cutter Side-cutting drill used to correct eccentric osteotomy preparations. PYTP    3.5mm Tissue Punch 122-201    4.0mm    Tissue    Punch122-202    5.0mm    Tissue    Punch122-203    6.0mm    Tissue    Punch BioHorizons Tissue Punches are used in a latch-type handpiece to remove the soft tissue from the crest of the ridge prior to osteotomy preparation in a flapless surgical procedure. Bone Profiler, 3.5mm Bone Profiler, 4.0mm Bone Profiler, 5.0mm Bone Profiler, 6.0mm Use at implant uncovery to contour...

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