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catalog & manual implant placement SCIENCE • INNOVATION • SERVICE

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99.2% average implant success rate1 BioHorizons is committed to developing evidence-based and scientifically-proven products. This commitment started with the launch of the Maestro implant system in 1997 and remains in full force today with our most recent launches, the Tapered Plus, Tapered Tissue Level and Tapered 3.0 implant systems. The focus of BioHorizons on science, innovation and service enables our customers to confidently use our comprehensive portfolio of dental implants, biologics products and guided surgery solutions making BioHorizons one of the fastest growing companies in...

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guided surgery kit overview 2-3 guided surgery process k guided surgery instruments 5-7 BioHorizons guided implants 9 surgery kit & drill sequence 11 surgical guide overview 12 guided surgery preparation 13 guided surgery case example 15-18 icon legend fit references 20 ordering fit warranty information 21 shop online at www. biohorizons.

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the BioHorizons guided surgery kit The BioHorizons guided surgery kit offers the precision and predictability of guided implant placement with a streamlined, single kit design. All components are colorcoded to avoid the complexity seen with other systems while offering our customers predictable implant placement for optimal esthetic outcomes. surgical guide flexibility open architecture design for fabrication of surgical guides ease of use master cylinders and instruments are colorcoded to ensure proper component usage guided implant depth control implant is placed to planned depth using a...

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perfect fit for precise implant placement The guided surgery kit can be used to place all diameters from 3.0mm to 5.7mm of the highly successful Tapered Internal, Tapered Plus, and Tapered 3.0 implants. patient specific guided placement the surgical protocol details the instrument sequence from site preparation to implant placement implant drivers seat the implants to proper depth through the master cylinder using depth stops clinical efficiency predictable placement surgical instrument design and single kit layout avoids the complexity of other surgical kits precision fit and color-coding...

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GUIDED SURGERY PROCESS Surgical Plan to Surgical Guide Treatment Planning Software Surgical Guide Clinical step - Treatment plan Diagnose and treatment plan for guided surgery. Determine if adequate vertical space is available to accommodate the surgical guide and related components. Lab step - CT scan appliance fabrication Fabricate a CT scan appliance with radiopaque teeth to allow the clinician to determine optimal implant placement for ideal prosthetic design. Clinical step - CT scan Scan patient with the CT scan appliance properly placed. Clinical step - Software-based planning Import...

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GUIDED SURGERY INSTRUMENTS Guided Surgery Kit CGS3000 Guided Surgery Kit (with instruments) Includes the instrumentation required to place BioHorizons guided implants* CGS2500 Guided Surgery Tray & Lid (without instruments) features: • versatile, removable, hinged lid • easy to disassemble and assemble during cleaning • spare slots for additional instrumentation • single color-coded kit for placement of BioHorizons guided implants* Individual Components CGS-YTP 3.8mm CGS Tissue Punch CGS Fixation Pin (3 included with kit) CGS-BTP 5.8mm CGS Tissue Punch * Guided implants refers to...

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GUIDED SURGERY INSTRUMENTS Drills Guided surgery drills with definitive depth stops follow the standard Tapered Internal drill sequence and come in four different lengths. The patient-specific surgical protocol that accompanies the surgical guide will indicate which drill length to use. Drill Guides Drill guides are color-coded to match the master cylinders. Use the proper size drill guide with the corresponding drill diameter to sequentially widen the osteotomy. The text on the drill guide specifies the corresponding drill width. 2.0mm Quick Connect Handles Quick connect handles are used...

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GUIDED SURGERY INSTRUMENTS Implant Drivers Use the implant drivers to deliver the implants through the master cylinders for guided implant placement. Use the depth stops to seat the implants to the planned depth. Orient the implant hex using the driver dimples or text located on the shaft of the implant driver as a reference. Tapered Internal Implant Drivers CGS-PYIDHS Tapered Plus Implant Drivers CGS-TP3IDHS 3.8mm CGS Implant Driver, 3.0mm Platform 4.6mm CGS Implant Driver, 3.5mm Platform 5.8mm CGS Implant Driver, 4.5mm Platform Tapered Plus Implant Driver Color-Coding top band indicates...

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COLOR-CODING REFERENCE Color-coding of Guided Surgery Instrument body diameter master cylinder drill guides Tapered Internal implant driver body diameter master cylinder drill guides Tapered Plus implant driver* *Bottom band indicates mastercylinder, top band indicates prosthetic connection The 3.0 implant uses Che 3.8mm master cylinder and drill guides. The guided implant placement of the 3.0 implant will be properly controlled by using the 3.8 Tapered Plus implant driver. shop online at

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BIOHORIZONS GUIDED IMPLANTS BioHorizons guided implants can be delivered through the surgical guide. If attempting to use BioHorizons mounted implants, the 3inOne® abutment will have to be removed prior to implant delivery. Mount-free Tapered Internal with Laser-Lok prosthetic connection body diameter Laser-Lok zone prosthetic connection body diameter Short Tapered Internal with Laser-Lok Complete Tapered Internal Plus with Laser-Lok prosthetic connection body diameter apical diameter platform switch Laser-Lok zone TLXP5815 shop online at

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This surgical manual serves as a reference for using the Guided Surgery Kit. It is intended solely to provide instructions on the use of BioHorizons products. It is not intended to describe the methods or procedures for diagnosis, treatment planning, or placement of implants, nor does it replace clinical training or a clinician’s best judgment regarding the needs of each patient. BioHorizons strongly recommends appropriate training as a prerequisite for the placement of implants and associated treatment. The procedures illustrated and described within this manual reflect idealized patient...

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