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Internal & Single-stage  Dental Implant Catalog

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internal & single-stage implant systems maximum surface area for long-term stability

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BIOHORIZONS implant success rate1 BioHorizons is dedicated to developing evidence-based and scientifically proven products. From the launch of the External implant system (Maestro) in 1997 to the Laser-Lok 3.0 implant in 2010, dental professionals as well as patients have confidence in our comprehensive portfolio of dental implants and biologics products. Our commitment to science, innovation and service has aided us in becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the dental industry. BioHorizons has helped restore smiles in 85 markets throughout Asia, North America, South America,...

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Overview    Page Section 1: Product Catalog Section 2: Surgical Manual Implant Spacing Considerations    18-19 Surgical Kit Layout & Drill Sequence    20 Surgical Drill Overview    21 Final Bone Preparation & Drivers    24-25 Abutment Level Placement (Internal Implant)    27 Implant Level Placement    28 Internal Implant Healing Protocols    30 Single-stage Implant Healing Protocols    31 Icon Legend & References    32 Ordering & Warranty Information    33

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Laser-Lok Technology Laser-Lok overview Laser-Lok microchannels is a proprietary dental implant surface treatment developed from over 20 years of research initiated to create the optimal implant surface. Through this research, the unique Laser-Lok surface has been shown to elicit a biologic response that includes the inhibition of epithelial downgrowth and the attachment of connective tissue (unlike Sharpey fibers).2,3 This physical attachment produces a biologic seal around the implant that protects and maintains crestal bone health. The Laser-Lok phenomenon has been shown in post-market...

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The clinical advantage Change in Bone Level (mm) The Laser-Lok surface has been shown in several studies to offer a clinical advantage over other implant designs. In a prospective, controlled multi-center study, LaserLok implants, when placed alongside identical implants with a traditional surface, were shown at 37 months post-op to reduce bone loss by 70% (or 1.35mm).4 In a retrospective, private practice study, Laser-Lok implants placed in a variety of site conditions and followed up to 3 years minimized bone loss to 0.46mm.5 In a prospective, University-based overdenture study, Laser-Lok...

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INTERNAL/SINGLE-STAGE OVERVIEW Internal dental implants provide maximum surface area through the use of a parallel-walled body and square thread design. It also is available with Laser-Lok microchannels to create a physical, connective tissue attachment (unlike Sharpey fibers) and long-term crestal bone maintenance.2 FEATURES Proprietary biomechanical thread design maximizes implant surface area.13 Most widely used connection in implant dentistry. Supported by a comprehensive line of internally hexed prosthetics. prosthetic platform body diameter apical diameter minimum ridge width minimum...

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Greater flexibility than other "soft tissue” implants. single-stage Unlike similar "soft-tissue level” implant designs, the Single-stage dental implant features the BioHorizons power thread with maximum surface area to support the high occlusal forces often seen in the posterior. This gives dentists confidence that their placements will remain secure long-term even with limited ridge height and in softer bone. FEATURES Power thread provides up to 154% greater surface area.13 Two body diameters for each platform. shoulder diameter mg    mm^ apical diameter minimum ridge width minimum...

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Internal implants are available with a 3inOne abutment, surgical cover cap, and abutment screw. INTERNAL IMPLANTS Mount-free Mount-free implants Body Diameter are packaged without RBT Surface x Length the 3inOne abutment w/Laser-Lok RBT Surface HA Surface Not all products are available in all markets. For use during submerged    surgical    healing. Hand-tighten with the .050" (1.2 5mm) Hex Driver. Titanium Alloy. A surgical cover cap is included with each implant but can also be ordered separately. Effective June 30, 2012, HA-coated implants will no longer be manufactured. shop online at...

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Surface Treatment Configuration: RBT only configurations available in limited quantities. Please call for availability. 3.5mm Implant Body 3.5mm Prosthetic Platform 4.0mm Implant Body 3.5mm Prosthetic Platform 4.0mm Implant Body 4.5mm Prosthetic Platform 5.0mm Implant Body 4.5mm Prosthetic Platform 5.0mm Implant Body 5.7mm Prosthetic Platform 6.0mm Implant Body 5.7mm Prosthetic Platform call for availability shop online at

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8 shop online at VIP Catalog & Surgical Manual Minimal System Requirements • Windows® XP • Pentium® III CPU, 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM • 1 GB of free hard disk space • Windows supported mouse • 15” computer monitor • Windows Internet Explorer® 6 If VIP installation CD does not start automatically, right-click on the CD-ROM drive, select Explore and doubleclick on the VIP setup icon. VIP CD installation is only a demo and requires a user license for the full version of VIP. © 2009 BioHorizons, Inc. All Rights Reserved. VIP 2.1 software, Rev B Virtual Implant Placement 2.1 VIP...

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SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Internal / Single-stage Surgical Kit Internal / Single-stage Surgical Kit Includes all instruments shown on pages 9-11 except where indicated. Internal / Single-stage Tray & Lid without instruments Individual Components Drill Extender (adds 16mm to length of drill) 2.5mm Depth Drill (without Depth Stop) 3.0mm Width Increasing Drill 3.4mm Width Increasing Drill 3.9mm Width Increasing Drill 4.4mm Width Increasing Drill 4.9mm Width Increasing Drill 5.4mm Width Increasing Drill *instrument o-rings & c-rings wear out over time. If an instrument is no longer held securely by...

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