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international biologics product catalog BlOHORIZOHS’ SCIENCE • INNOVATION • SERVICE

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BioHorizons is committed to developing evidence-based and scientifically-proven products. This commitment started with the launch of the Maestro implant system in 1997 and remains in full force today with our most recent launches, the Tapered Plus, Tapered Tssue Level, and Tapered 3.0 implant systems. The focus of BioHorizons on science, innovation and service enables our customers to confidently use our comprehensive portfolio of dental implants and biologics products making BioHorizons one of the fastest growing companies in the dental industry. BioHorizons helps customers restore smiles...

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table of contents Biologics Bone Grafting Options

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Available in a variety of options, MinerOss® X is an anorganic bovine bone mineral matrix that is physically and chemically comparable to the mineral structure of human bone. The MinerOss® X family of xenografts* can be used in a wide variety of grafting applications. applications include2 • ridge and sinus augmentation • extraction socket grafting • infrabony periodontal defects • grafting for implant placement MinerOss® X Particulate MinerOss® X Particulate is available in either cancellous or cortical form. The complex trabecular architecture and natural consistency allow for ideal bone...

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BONE GRAFTING OPTIONS MinerOss® XP MinerOss® XP is a highly porous anorganic porcine bone mineral matrix designed for hard tissue grafting applications. Increased porosity allows for optimal osteoconductivity and adequate space for new bone deposition. applications include2 • ridge and sinus augmentation • extraction socket grafting • infrabony periodontal defects • grafting for implant placement ordering information Particle size range Bone Grafting Applications periodontal defects sinus augmentation ridge augmentation grafting for implant placement block grafting shop online at

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Mem-Lok® RCM is engineered from highly purified type I collagen to provide an increased resorption period and ensure optimal bone regeneration. Clinicians can be confident that Mem-Lok® RCM will serve as an effective barrier membrane for bone regeneration. • predictable resorption period of 26 - 38 weeks3 • macromolecular pore size permeability that permits the exchange of essential nutrients during healing • adapts easily to various bony defects applications include2 • extraction sockets • sinus augmentation - sinus window • ridge preservation • bone augmentation around implants • bony...

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Mem-Lok® Pliable is a strong, conformable collagen barrier membrane manufactured from highly purified porcine tissue. • single layer intact collagen • not side specific • cell occulusive • 12-16 week resorption time • high suture pull-out strength applications include2 • extraction sites • ridge augmentation • graft containment around immediate implants • periodontal defects graft protection    sinus    ridge    bony defects & containment    lift    preservation Mem-Lok® Pliable shop online at

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RESORBABLE WOUND DRESSINGS BioPlug & BioStrip BioPlug and BioStrip are collagen wound dressings designed to absorb blood or fluids and protect the site for optimal regeneration. • fully resorbed in 10-14 days • quantity of 10 units per box • packaged sterile BioPlug applications include2 • extraction sockets • biopsy sites ordering information BioPlug size reference BioPlug • closure of grafted sites • dressing of minor wounds 2.5cm x 7.5cm BioStrip size reference Resorbable Wound Dressing Applications graft protection & containment BioPlug ridge preservation closure of grafted sites shop...

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The AutoTac System Kit is used to secure membranes with the push of a button. The efficient “no touch” tack system with a convenient one-handed delivery mechanism effectively fixates membranes. 400-270 AutoTac System Kit includes • Sterilization Tray • Autoclavable Tack Cassette (pre-loaded with 21 Titanium Tacks) • Dressing Pliers, Utility Pick-up • Delivery Handle 400-200    AutoTac Delivery Handle    400-260    Titanium Tacks with Cassette (pack of 21) 400-248    Autoclavable Tack Cassette (tacks not included)    400-240    Titanium Tack Vial (pack of 5) HF-DPU17 Dressing Pliers, Utility...

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ORDERING & WARRANTY INFORMATION Territory Manager: cell phone: email and/or fax: BioHorizons Lifetime Warranty on Implants and Prosthetics: All BioHorizons implants and prosthetic components include a Lifetime Warranty. BioHorizons implant or prosthetic components will be replaced if removal of that product is due to failure (excluding normal wear to overdenture attachments). Additional Warranties: BioHorizons warranties surgical drills, taps and other surgical and restorative instruments. (1) Surgical Drills and Taps: Surgical drills and taps include a warranty period of ninety (90) days...

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BioHorizons Spain    BioHorizons UK For contact information in our 90 countries, visit BioHorizons®, Laser-Lok®, MinerOss®, AutoTac®, Mem-Lok® and TeethXpress® are registered trademarks of BioHorizons. Unigrip™ is a trademark of Nobel Biocare AB. Zimmer® Dental ScrewVent® and Tapered ScrewVent® are registered trademarks of Zimmer, Inc. AlloDerm™ and AlloDerm GBRTM are trademarks of LifeCell Corporation, an Allergan affiliate. Grafton® DBM is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc. Cytoplast® is a registered trademark of Osteogenics Biomedical, Inc. Spiralock® is a...

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