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dental implant system flexibility in narrow spaces SCIENCE • INNOVATION • SERVICE

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Locator Abutment Components 8 Surgical Manual Introduction 9 Implant Placement & Drill Sequence 10 Final Bone Preparation 13 Healing Protocols & Provisionalization 15 Post-operative Instructions & Icon Legend 16 Ordering & Warranty Information 17

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• Two-piece 3mm design offers restorative flexibility in narrow spaces. • 3mm threadform shown to be effective when immediately loaded.1 • Implant design is 17-40% stronger than competitor 3.0 implants when loaded.2 • Laser-Lok microchannels create a physical connective tissue attachment.3 BioHorizons is the only company that can claim (FDA-cleared) that its implant surface establishes a physical connective tissue attachment. This tissue connection is functionally oriented, inhibits epithelial cell downgrowth and enables crestal bone adjacent to the implant to attach and be retained....

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DENTAL IMPLANTS Laser-Lok 3.0 Implants Laser-Lok zone Body Diameter Apical Diameter Laser-Lok Zone Height Minimum Ridge Width Minimum Mesial / Distal Space 6.0mm Body diameter Apical diameter Laser-Lok collar with Resorbable Blast Texturing (RBT) on implant body. Packaged with Cover Cap (TP3CC). Titanium Alloy (Ti-6AL-4V). Use during submerged surgical healing. May use as a 1mm Healing Abutment. Hand-tighten with the .050” (1.25mm) Hex Driver. Titanium Alloy. A Cover Cap is included with each implant but may also be ordered separately. Healing Abutments Regular Emergence Wide Emergence...

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SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Laser-Lok 3.0 Surgical Kit TP3KIT Laser-Lok 3.0 Surgical Kit (complete) Includes all instruments shown below. TP3ST Laser-Lok 3.0 Surgical Tray with Lid Without instruments. Crestal Bone Drill 2.5 x 12mm Depth Drill Extended Shank 2.5 x 10.5mm Depth Drill Extended Shank Tissue Punch 2.5mm Depth Drill Extended Shank 2.0mm Starter Drill Extended Shank 2.5 x 15mm Depth Drill Extended Shank Implant-level Driver, Handpiece* Implant-level Driver, 4mm square* Hand Wrench* *Instrument o-rings & c-rings wear out over time. If an instrument is no longer held securely by its...

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ABUTMENTS Abutments are internally threaded Laser-Lok 3.0 abutments are internally threaded for increased strength. Delivery to the mouth can be achieved by inserting an .050” (1.25mm) Hex Driver into the abutment screw that is pre-assembled into the abutment. PEEK Temporary Abutments TP3TA PEEK Temporary Abutment Use for fabrication of cement- or screw-retained provisional restorations (up to 30 days). A Direct Coping Screw (purchased separately) may be used to maintain the screw access hole during fabrication of screw-retained provisional prostheses. Pre-assembled with Abutment Screw...

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ABUTMENTS Advantages of Laser-Lok abutments Laser-Lok abutments establish a soft tissue seal intended to protect the bone and maintain the restoration esthetics over time. Abutments placed at time of surgery can be left in position with a standard crown & bridge impression taken to avoid disrupting the soft tissue connection. If an impression coping will be used and the soft tissue seal disrupted, a new Laser-Lok abutment (healing or final) should be placed after the impression to establish the soft tissue connection. Angled Esthetic Abutment & Straight Abutments 15° Angled Esthetic...

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COPINGS & ACCESSORIES Indirect Transfer Copings (Closed Tray) 2mm 3.0mm Indirect Scoop Coping Use to make a closed-tray, implant-level, hexed-timed impression. Pre-assembled with a Coping Screw (PXSS). Titanium Alloy. Direct Pick-up Copings (Open Tray) TP3DC Direct Pick-up Coping, Hexed* Direct Pick-up Coping, Non-hexed* Use to make an open-tray, implant-level impression. Packaged with the Direct Coping Screw, Shallow Hex (PXDCSS). Non-hexed version may also be used to fabricate multiple-unit laser welded bars; see the Internal Prosthetic Technique Manual (ref. ML0118) for additional...

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COPINGS & ACCESSORIES Bone Profiler Bone Profiling Bur & Guide Use at implant uncovery to contour crestal bone for abutments when the implant is subcrestal. The Profiler’s internal geometry matches the geometry of the included Profiler Guide. The Guide is screwed into the implant and then aligns the Profiler for precise removal of tissue surrounding the platform. Abutment Prepping Handle TP3AH Platform Analog Handle Use to comfortably hold abutments for chairside or laboratory preparation, these handles mimic the implant/analog hex geometry. Abutments are secured to the handle with the...

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LOCATOR ABUTMENT COMPONENTS Locator® Abutments 3.5mm Locator Abutment, 1.0mm Cuff Height Locator Abutment, 2.0mm Cuff Height Locator Abutment, 3.0mm Cuff Height Locator Abutment, 4.0mm Cuff Height Locator Abutment, 5.0mm Cuff Height Locator Abutment, 6.0mm Cuff Height Locator Implant Attachments are designed for use with overdentures or partial dentures retained in whole or in part by dental implants in the mandible or maxilla. Order by Cuff Height to match the height of the gingival tissue. The abutment will extend above the tissue by 1.5mm to allow the Locator Male to seat completely....

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SURGICAL MANUAL INTRODUCTION This Surgical Manual serves as a reference for using the Laser-Lok 3.0 implants and surgical instruments. It is intended solely to provide instructions on the use of BioHorizons products. It is not intended to describe the methods or procedures for diagnosis, treatment planning, or placement of implants, nor does it replace clinical training or a clinician’s best judgment regarding the needs of each patient. BioHorizons strongly recommends appropriate training as a prerequisite for the placement of implants and associated treatment. The procedures illustrated...

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IMPLANT PLACEMENT & DRILL SEQUENCE Implant Placement The Laser-Lokzone provides 2.1 mm of placement flexibility so placement depth can be driven primarily by the restorative need. Placement in Uneven Ridges When placing the Laser-Lok 3.0 implant in an uneven ridge, prepare the osteotomy and place the implant so that the bone/soft- tissue junction is within the 2.1 mm Laser-Lok transition zone. IT the discrepancy is more than 2.1 mm, leveling the ridge can be considered. Drill Sequence Starter Depth Crestal Bone Drill Bone Tap Implant-level Drill Drill (site specific) (site specific) Driver...

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