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why choose BioHorizons prosthetics? Using authentic BioHorizons parts will ensure a precision fit connection between the prosthetic component and implant, avoiding costly component failures that may occur from using third-party prosthetics. Authentic BioHorizons parts are color-coded for easy identification to match the mating implant. authentic connection advantages: • lifetime warranty on all implants & prosthetics • Spiralock® technology minimizes screw loosening • precise mating geometries reduce prosthetic failures • advanced design creates a better engineered connection • color-coded...

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engineering better prosthetics BioHorizons prosthetics are engineered and manufactured to seat precisely every time. The conical connection includes a small space between the components to guarantee contact of the abutment and implant around the entire perimeter of the prosthetic platform. This design creates a biologic seal and achieves optimal stress transmission, that protects the abutment screw from fracture and loosening. Laser-Lok technology Conical connection creates a biologic seal around the perimeter of the implant's prosthetic platform Laser-Lok microchannels is a proprietary...

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prosthetic technique manual interactive prosthetic technique manual temporary restorations cement-retained crown using a PEEK temporary abutment Use this technique for the fabrication of short term (30 days), cement-retained single or multi unit temporary restorations. Temporaries may be used at the time of surgery, uncovery, or following an implant-level impression. temporary resto component options fabrication ression tray custom imp ect copings ting with indir option 2: star component rch using the el impression coping ch implant-levthe indirect transfer Make a full-ar using technique...

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Hand-tighten with the .050" (1.2 5mm) Hex Driver. Ttanium Alloy. The 3.5mm, 4.5mm and 5.7mm healing abutments are laser marked for easy intraoral identification of the prosthetic platform, emergence and height: Y = Yellow (3.5mm) platform G = Green (4.5mm) platform B = Blue (5.7mm) platform N, R or W = Narrow, Regular or Wide emergence 1,2, 3 or 5 = 1mm, 2mm, 3mm or 5mm abutment height 3.0 healing abutments are not laser marked due to their small size. shop online at store. biohorizons. com

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Use to create an immediate temporary abutment for sculpting the soft tissue. Two-piece Custom Temporary Abutments are offered with Laser-Lok microchannels on the collar to inhibit epithelial downgrowth and establish a biologic soft tissue seal around the abutment. When a Laser-Lok component is used and temporarily removed for impression making or other restorative procedures, keep the removed Laser-Lok component in sterile saline until reinserting into the site. Use included PEEK sleeve to support a temporary prosthesis. Final torque: 30Ncm. L02015-019 Immediate restoration with two-piece...

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Titanium Temporary Abutments 3.0    all other platform    platforms Use hexed for single-unit; screw-retained, long term temporary restorations (>30 days). Use non-hexed for multiple-unit screw-retained, long term temporary restorations (>30 days). Packaged with an abutment screw (PXAS).Ttanium Alloy Final torque: 30Ncm. L02015-022 Screw-retained bridge using titanium temporary abutments module PEEK Temporary Abutments (Regular Emergence) Use for fabrication of cement- or screw-retained provisional restorations (up to 30 days). A direct coping screw (PXDCS, purchased separately) may be used...

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PYNSC    3 .5mm platform    (Narrow Emergence) PYRSC    3 .5mm platform    (Regular Emergence) PYWSC    3.5mm platform    (Wide Emergence) PGNSC    4 .5mm platform    (Narrow Emergence) PGRSC    4.5mm platform    (Regular Emergence) PGWSC    4.5mm platform    (Wide Emergence) PBNSC    5 .7mm platform (Narrow Emergence) PBRSC    5 .7mm platform (Regular Emergence) Use to make a closed-tray, direct pick-up, implant-level impression. PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) and Ttanium Alloy material. L02015-034 Closed tray pick-up technique using the snap coping module one-piece design Coping easily snaps...

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TP3ISC    3.0mm platform (Regular Emergence) platform    platforms TP3WISC    3.0mm platform (Wide Emergence) PYNISC    3.5mm platform    (Narrow Emergence) PYRISC    3.5mm platform    (Regular Emergence) PYWISC    3.5mm platform    (Wide Emergence) PGNISC    4.5mm platform    (Narrow Emergence) PGRISC    4.5mm platform    (Regular Emergence) PGWISC    4.5mm platform    (Wide Emergence) PBNISC    5.7mm platform (Narrow Emergence) PBRISC    5.7mm platform (Regular Emergence) Use to make a closed-tray, implant-level, hexed-timed impression. Pre-assembled with a coping screw (PXSS). Titanium...

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Direct Coping Screws PXDCSS Direct Coping Screw, Shallow Hex Packaged with all Direct Pick-up Copings, except 3.0mm platform, hexed, long (TP3DCL). Short hex depth for easy removal of impression material. May also be used to maintain the screw access hole during fabrication of a screw-retained provisional prostheses. Utilizes the .050" (1.2 5mm) Hex Driver. Hand-tighten or torque to 30 Ncm depending on application. Ttanium Alloy. PXDCS    Direct Coping Screw Includes a deeper hex that allows up to 7mm to be prepped without losing the hex engagement. May also be used in place of an abutment...

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