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tapered internal implant system

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implant system high-end esthetic performance and excellent primary stability SCIENCE • INNOVATION • SERVICE

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Laser-Lok Technology Laser-Lok overview Laser-Lok microchannels is a proprietary dental implant surface treatment developed from over 20 years of research initiated to create the optimal implant surface. Through this research, the unique Laser-Lok surface has been shown to elicit a biologic response that includes the inhibition of epithelial downgrowth and the attachment of connective tissue (unlike Sharpey fibers).1,2 This physical attachment produces a biologic seal around the implant that protects and maintains crestal bone health. The Laser-Lok phenomenon has been shown in post-market...

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The clinical advantage Change in Bone Level (mm) The Laser-Lok surface has been shown in several studies to offer a clinical advantage over other implant designs. In a prospective, controlled multi-center study, LaserLok implants, when placed alongside identical implants with a traditional surface, were shown at 37 months post-op to reduce bone loss by 70% (or 1.35mm).3 In a retrospective, private practice study, Laser-Lok implants placed in a variety of site conditions and followed up to 3 years minimized bone loss to 0.46mm.4 In a prospective, University-based overdenture study, Laser-Lok...

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TAPERED INTERNAL IMPLANTS tapered internal Tapered Internal dental implants provide excellent primary stability, maximum bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment for optimal esthetics. The Tapered Internal implant achieves these benefits from its anatomically tapered dental implant body, aggressive buttress threads and advanced Laser-Lok surface technology. The deep 1.5mm internal hex connection with a lead-in tapered bevel create a rigid connection and a stable biologic seal. • Excellent primary stability from anatomically tapered body • Compressive bone loading from proprietary...

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TAPERED INTERNAL IMPLANTS Tapered Internal Implants with Laser-Lok Laser-Lok collar with Resorbable Blast Texturing (RBT) on implant body. Comes packaged with Cover Cap, Abutment Screw and pre-mounted 3inOne esthetic abutment that serves as a fixture mount, closed-tray transfer and final abutment.Titanium Alloy. Mount-free Tapered Internal Implants with Laser-Lok Packaged mount-free for quick placement and maximum site visibility. Includes a Cover Cap. In January 2011, a running change was made to expand the Laser-Lok zone and eliminate the 0.3mm machined collar. Short Tapered Internal...

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SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Tapered Internal Surgical Kit TSK2021 Tapered Internal Surgical Kit (complete) Reduced height tray with increased ventilation for faster drying and convenient drill measurement guide. Includes all instruments shown on pages 5 & 6. Tapered Internal Tray & Lid (without instruments) (adds 16mm to length of drill) 2.0mm Starter Drill (matte finish) Drill Extender 2.5mm Depth Drill (matte finish) Straight Parallel Pins (2 per kit) 20° Angled Parallel Pins (2 per kit) 3.2mm Width Increasing Drill (matte finish) 3.7mm Width Increasing Drill (matte finish) 4.1mm Width...

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SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Individual Kit Components Abutment-level Driver, Handpiece* Abutment-level Driver, Ratchet* 3.5/4.5mm Implant-level Driver, Ratchet* 5.7mm Implant-level Driver, Ratchet* 3.5/4.5mm Implant-level Driver, Handpiece* 5.7mm Implant-level Driver, Handpiece* Implant Spacer / Depth Probe Hand Wrench* In January 2011, a running change was made to improve abutment screw retention and handling. Replaced 300-205 starting in June 2010. Includes PEEK C-ring for durable retention in Ratchet. Cannot be used with bone taps. 4mm Square Drive Extender* *instrument o-rings & c-rings wear...

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ANCILLARY INSTRUMENTS 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drills with stops TSD202507 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 7.5mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 9mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 10.5mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 12mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 15mm Stop Stops are set to same length as each implant for crestal placement. Laser-etched line set 1mm shorter for supracrestal placement. Extended Shank Drills TSD4020 2.0mm Ext. Shank Starter Drill 2.5mm Ext. Shank Depth Drill 3.2mm Ext. Shank Width Increasing Drill 3.7mm Ext. Shank Width Increasing Drill 4.1mm Ext. Shank Width Increasing Drill...

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ANCILLARY INSTRUMENTS Drivers PADHH Abutment-level Driver, Hex-chuck Handpiece* Use with compatible W&H Hexagon Chucking System Handpieces to prevent deformation of the ISO shank latch connection in high-torque applications. 150-000 Surgical Driver Use to drive implants into the osteotomy, particularly in the anterior region. The driver holds the Abutment-level Driver, Ratchet which interfaces with the 3inOne Abutment. Also interfaces with the .050” (1.25mm) Hex Drivers as well as Bone Taps and the Implant-level Drivers, Ratchet. Adjustable Torque Wrenches Elos Adjustable Torque Wrench...

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W&H MOTORS AND ACCESSORIES BioHorizons proudly distributes W&H implant motors, handpieces and accessories. Additional W&H products and re-order items are available. For more information, contact your BioHorizons representative or visit the online catalog (www.biohorizons.com). W&H Motor Kits Motor Kits include: console, motor with 1.8m attached cable, standard (ImplantMED) or premium (ElcoMED) foot pedal, (3) complete disposable irrigation tubes, USB documentation (ElcoMED), handpiece, bur testing gauge, spray cap and service oil (ships separately). ElcoMED SA-310 Professional Kit with LED...

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W&H MOTORS AND ACCESSORIES Surgical Handpieces WH-10207530 WS-75 E/KM LED G Surgical 20:1 Contra-Angle LED, 20:1, hexagon chucking system, press-button chuck system, for surgical burs and cutters with a 2.35mm contra-angle shank, internal and external cooling system. Dismantle for easy cleaning. WS-75 E/KM Surgical 20:1 Contra-Angle 20:1, hexagon chucking system, press-button chuck system, for surgical burs and cutters with a 2.35mm contra-angle shank, internal and external cooling system. Dismantle for easy cleaning. WI-75 E/KM LED G Surgical 20:1 Contra-Angle, Mono Block LED, 20:1,...

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