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tapered internal plus implant system

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tapered internal implant system designed for increased soft tissue volume

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implant family The Tapered Internal family of dental implants provide excellent primary stability, maximum bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment for predictable results. All implants can be placed with the same instrument kit providing you surgical convenience and flexibility to choose the ideal implants for each patient’s needs. restorative ease 45° conical internal hex connection is color-coded for quick identification and component matching intuitive color-coded instrumentation used to place all BioHorizons tapered implants connective tissue attachment uniquely creates a physical...

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tapered plus overview 2 healing abutments and cover caps 11 -12 surgical manual introduction 13 implant placement level & spacing 15 surgical kit & drill sequence 16 final bone preparation & drivers 20 icon legend & references 24 ordering & warranty information 25 shop online at www.biohorizons.com

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tapered internal plus make the switch The Tapered Plus implant system offers all the great benefits of BioHorizons highly successful Tapered Internal system PLUS it features a Laser-Lok treated beveled-collar for bone and soft tissue attachment and platform switching designed for increased soft tissue volume. platform switching designed to increase soft tissue volume around the implant connection Laser-Lok® zone creates a connective tissue seal and maintains crestal bone optimized threadform buttress thread engineered for superior stability over microthreaded implants restorative choices...

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Dental Implants with Laser-Lok tapered 3.0 tapered plus prosthetic connection body diameter apical diameter platform switch Laser-Lok zone Laser-Lok zone platform switch prosthetic connection implant length body diameter Mount-free for quick placement and maximum site visibility. Includes a surgical cover cap. Titanium Alloy (Ti-6AL-4V). shop online at www.biohorizons.com

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Universal Surgical Kit Includes the instrumentation required to place: Tapered Plus, Tapered Internal, Tapered 3.0 and Laser-Lok 3.0. Surgical Tray & Lid (without instruments) features: • versatile, removable, hinged lid • 40% smaller and 40% lighter than other kits • easy to disassemble and assemble during cleaning • implant staging area for implant vials during surgery • use to place Tapered Plus, Tapered Internal, Tapered 3.0 and Laser-Lok 3.0 • empty spare slots for other instrumentation such as stop drills or extended shank drills The surgical kit features an intuitive color-coded...

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SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Individual Components (adds 16mm to length of drill) 2.0mm Starter Drill (matte finish) Drill Extender 2.5mm Depth Drill (matte finish) 3.2mm Width Increasing Drill (matte finish) 3.7mm Width Increasing Drill (matte finish) 4.1mm Width Increasing Drill (matte finish) 4.7mm Width Increasing Drill (matte finish) 5.4mm Width Increasing Drill (matte finish) 3.0mm Crestal Bone Drill 3.8mm Crestal Bone Drill 4.6mm Crestal Bone Drill 5.8mm Crestal Bone Drill Important Note about drills TDG2030 Drills, taps and depth gauges are color coded by implant body diameter: • 3.0mm body...

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SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Individual Components Hand Wrench, 4mm Square 4mm Square Drive Extender 3.0mm Implant-level Driver, Regular, Handpiece 3.5/4.5mm Implant-level Driver, Handpiece 3.0mm Implant-level Driver, Regular, 4mm Square 3.5/4.5mm Implant-level Driver, 4mm Square Important Note about drivers Drivers are color coded by prosthetic connection: • 3.0mm platform - no color indicator • 3.5mm platform - yellow • 4.5mm platform - green Note: Two abutment-level drivers and two 5.7mm implant level drivers are included in the TSK3000 kit for placing Tapered Internal implants, but are not used...

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ANCILLARY INSTRUMENTS 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drills with stops TSD202507 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 7.5mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 9mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 10.5mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 12mm Stop 2.5mm Tapered Depth Drill, 15mm Stop Stops are set to same length as each implant for crestal placement. Laser-etched line set 1mm shorter for supracrestal placement. Extended Shank Drills TSD4020 2.0mm Ext. Shank Starter Drill 2.5mm Ext. Shank Depth Drill 3.2mm Ext. Shank Width Increasing Drill 3.7mm Ext. Shank Width Increasing Drill 4.1mm Ext. Shank Width Increasing Drill...

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ANCILLARY INSTRUMENTS Tissue Punches 122-200 3.0mm Tissue Punch (for a 3.3mm incision) 3.5mm Tissue Punch (for a 3.9mm incision) 4.5mm Tissue Punch (for a 4.7mm incision) 5.7mm Tissue Punch (for a 6.1mm incision) Use in flapless surgical procedures to remove a minimal amount of the soft tissue from the crest of the ridge prior to osteotomy preparation or during implant uncovery. .050” (1.25mm) Handpiece Hex Driver .050” (1.25mm) Handpiece Hex Driver, Long For installation and removal of cover screws, healing abutments and abutment screws. The handpiece hex drivers are used with latch-type...

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W&H MOTORS AND ACCESSORIES W&H Motor Kits Motor Kits include: console, handheld motor with cable, foot pedal, (3) disposable irrigation tubes, handpiece, bur testing gauge, service oil, and oil spray cap. Elcomed SA-310 Professional Kit with LED Includes WS-75 LED handpiece (WH-10207530) Elcomed SA-310 Professional Kit Includes WS-75 handpiece (WH-10207510) Implantmed SI-915 Starter Kit with LED Includes WI-75 LED handpiece (WH-10207560) Implantmed SI-915 Starter Kit Includes WI-75 handpiece (WH-10207550) Disposable Irrigation Tubing, 2.2m (box of 6) (Implantmed and Elcomed SA-310)...

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W&H MOTORS AND ACCESSORIES Contra-Angle Surgical Handpieces WS-56 E Surgical Handpiece 1:1 Contra-Angle, Fully Dismantleable WS-75 E/KM Surgical Handpiece 20:1 Contra-Angle, Fully Dismantleable WS-75 E/KM LED G Surgical Handpiece 20:1 Contra-Angle, Fully Dismantleable WI-75 E/KM Surgical Handpiece 20:1 Contra-Angle, Mono Block WI-75 E/KM LED G Surgical Handpiece 20:1 Contra-Angle, Mono Block WS-92 E/3 Surgical Handpiece 1:2.7 Contra-Angle, Speed-Increasing, Fully Dismantleable EB-79 ENDO NiTi Handpiece 2:1 Contra-Angle Angled Surgical Handpieces S-9 Surgical Handpiece 1:1 Angled S-10...

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