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InPouch™ TF Feline (Tritrichomonas foetus Feline) VALUE High Throughput - Once the device is inoculated no other culture preparation is required saving time Cost Savings - The InPouch™ TF Feline reduces laboratory materials and medical waste High specificity - Designed for the growth of Tritrichomonas foetus by inhibiting the growth of yeasts, mold, and bacteria BENEFITS Functional - PCR compatible transport and incubation device Convenient - Combines collection, culture, and observation into one device Easy to use - Minimal lab procedures and equipment needed Easy to store - One year shelf life at room temperature Mobile - Compact and non-breakable package is ideal for off-site sampling or for point-of-care testing Safe - Fully enclosed InPouch™ system prevents contamination and reduces exposure to collected samples PRODUCT SPECIFICS Storage - Room Temperature (18-25 °C) Shelf Life - 12 months Incubation - 37°C Quantity Sold -5 Pack (11-1107) 100 Pack (11-1103) PRODUCT BIO BioMed's InPouch™ TF Feline test is a microbiology sample collection, transport, and culture device that allows for simultaneous growth and observation of Tritrichomonas foetus, the parasite responsible for the gastrointestinal infection trichomoniasis in felines. BioMed's patented InPouch™ TF Feline test saves time and money, while reducing exposure to collected samples by combining several procedures into a single device. The patented InPouch™ system consists of a high barrier, oxygen resistant, plastic pouch with two V-shaped chambers connected by a narrow passage. The innovative two-compartment system allows for direct preliminary observation of a newly collected specimen in the upper chamber before expressing the contents into the lower chamber for culture and further observation when necessary. Combining both growth and observation into one fully enclosed system removes the need to prepare wet mount slides increasing efficiency and throughput while decreasing the cost of laboratory materials and medical waste. Additionally, the InPouch™ design lends itself to high performance in off-site or austere environments with limited reliance on laboratory equipment. The InPouch™ TF Feline can be stored for up to one year at room temperature (18-25 °C) and can be held at this temperature for up to 48 hours before incubation is required. Transport from off-site locations and point-of-care testing can be performed easily due to the flexibility, robustness, and integral design of the InPouch™ system. The InPouch™ TF Feline is known as “The Gold Standard” diagnostic for this infection. The proprietary medium of the InPouch™ TF Feline is selective for the transport and growth of Tritrichomonas and increases specificity by inhibiting the growth of yeasts, mold, and bacteria. QUALITY CONTROL Quality control testing is performed on each lot of InPouch™ TF Feline prior to shipment in order to ensure viability, doubling time and sterility. Quality control tests are repeated throughout the product shelf life by BioMed Diagnostics confirming the ability of the InPouch™ TF Feline to support the growth of T foetus, while maintaining suppression of commensal microflora. BACKGROUND Feline trichomoniasis, commonly known as “trich,” is caused by the single celled, flagellated protozoan parasite, Tritrichomonas foetus and is known to be a pathogen found in the gastrointestinal tract of cats. Feline trichomoniasis infects and colonizes the large intestine, causing prolonged and intractable diarrhea, which can cause death. This parasite mainly causes colitis with an increased frequency of defecation as well as semi-formed to liquid feces, which is usually associated with blood or mucus. Trichomoniasis is found mostly in young cats and kittens, the majority of which are less than 12 months of age. One study has shown no difference in susceptibility between males and females or between pure and mix-breed cats.2 Infection is most common in colonies of cats and multi-cat households, making shelters especially susceptible to outbreaks. T. foetus is often misdiagnosed as Giardia, however, the InPouch™ TF Feline test specifically discriminates against Giardia eliminating any risk of false positives due to th

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CORPORATE OVERVIEW BioMed Diagnostics, Inc., a boutique biotech firm and an industry leader since 1989, develops and manufactures in vitro diagnostic devices. BioMed's point-of-care ready tests provide accurate diagnostic tools for scientists worldwide to aid in the identification of bacteria, parasites and fungi. The company formed as the result of a mercy mission conducted by a group of physicians to Central America; there they discovered the need for robust diagnostic tools for use in austere environments. Their experience unleashed the inspiration for BioMed's innovative products...

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