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For isolation and differentiation of major clinical-significant Candida species; commonly used in the detection of yeast infections VALUE High Throughput - Once the device is inoculated no other culture preparation is required saving time Cost Savings - Reduces laboratory materials and medical waste High specificity - 99% specificity and sensitivity for C. albicans, C. tropicalis and C. krusei BENEFITS Convenient - Combines collection, culture, and observation into one device Easy to use - Minimal lab procedures and equipment needed Easy to store - One year shelf life under refrigeration (2-8 °C) Easy observation - No fogging or condensation on the InTray™ viewing window Safe - Fully enclosed InTray™ system prevents contamination and reduces exposure to collected samples PRODUCT SPECIFICS Storage - Refrigeration recommended (2-8 °C) Shelf Life - 12 months Incubation - 48 hours at 37 °C Quantity Sold -5 Pack (10-6107) 20 Pack (10-6101) PRODUCT BIO BioMed Diagnostics' InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast test serves as a microbiology sample collection, transport, and culture device. This device allows for simultaneous growth, observation, and chromogenic differentiation of selected Candida species as well as Malassezia pachydermatis, which has been added for veterinary applications. By combining several procedures into a single device, BioMed’s patented InTray™ system saves time and money, while reducing exposure to collected samples. The patented InTray™ system consists of a re-closable outer seal containing an optically clear, anti-fog window, which creates an airtight 2” diameter chamber providing a large enough area to streak for isolation. The innovative design of the InTray™ high-performance viewing window makes it possible to place the device directly under a microscope removing the need to prepare slides and prevents unnecessary exposure of the sample after inoculation. BioMed’s InTray™ system negates the need for multiple procedures increasing throughput and decreasing the cost of laboratory materials and medical waste. Additionally, the InTray™ design lends itself to high performance not only in laboratory settings, but also off-site locations or austere environments. The InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast can be stored for up to a year if kept under refrigeration (2-8 °C). The InTray™ system is equipped with a small air filter, in addition to its airtight seal, creating a controlled air exchange. The airtight seal and controlled air exchange system maintain the integrity of the growth environment inside the device regardless of the local environment by allowing only clean, filtered air to reach the media. The InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast makes preliminary detection easy by producing distinctive color and morphology differences between the growth of selected Candida species within as little as 24 hours. The InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast discriminates against the growth of bacteria, mold, and other fungi. The specially formulated media makes detection and preliminary identification easy while inhibiting potential interference in obtaining accurate results. Visual Results: • Candida glabrata - Mauve • Candida albicans - Green • Candida tropicalis - Metallic Blue • Candida krusei - Pink and fuzzy • E. coli - Inhibited • Malassezia pachydermis - Brick Red with dark center • Other species - Mauve to White QUALITY CONTROL The InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast is tested with ATCC™ strains of the indicated species. At the time of manufacture, quality control tests are preformed on each lot of InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast to ensure viability and sterility. These tests are repeated throughout the product shelf life by BioMed Diagnostics confirming the ability of the InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast to support growth of selected Candida

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InTray™ Colorex™ Yeast BACKGROUND Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by any of the Candida species (all yeasts), of which Candida albicans is the most common. These infections are commonly referred to as yeast infections and range from superficial, such as oral thrush and vaginitis, to systemic and potentially life-threatening diseases. Common in many human populations are the superficial infections caused by Candida, C O R P O R AT E O V E R V I E W BioMed Diagnostics, Inc., a boutique biotech firm and an industry leader since 1989, effecting the skin and mucosal membranes. Of the...

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