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VALUE High Throughput - Once the device is inoculated no other culture preparation is required saving time Cost Savings - Reduces laboratory materials and medical waste High specificity - Selective for the growth of dermatophytes by inhibiting the growth of both grampositive and gram-negative bacteria BENEFITS Convenient - Combines collection, culture, and observation into one device Easy to use - Minimal lab procedures and equipment needed Easy to store - 27 month shelf life at room temperature Easy observation - No fogging or condensation on the InTray™ viewing window Safe - Fully enclosed InTray™ system prevents contamination and reduces exposure to collected samples PRODUCT SPECIFICS Storage - Room Temperature (18-25 °C) Shelf Life - 27 months Incubation - 1 to 14 days at room temperature (18-25 °C) Quantity Sold 5 Pack (10-4007) PRODUCT BIO BioMed's InTray™ DM culture serves as a microbiology sample collection, transport, and culture device allowing for simultaneous detection and observation of the dermatophyte fungal group. By combining several procedures into a single device, BioMed’s patented InTray™ DM saves time and money, while reducing exposure to collected samples. BioMed lnTray,v DMa Enriched Dermatophyte Medium (800)964-6466 MaMoctorMondo.on.0. mo,. US pa«n« Patient # _ Name _ Source _ Date _ IlVDI F« <"Wn> Diagnostic Uso Only [LOT] n 1CA02! U IS JUI The InTray™ system consists of an outer, re-sealable label with an optically clear, anti-fog window covering the media creating an airtight seal over the 1” diameter surface. The innovative design of the InTray™, with its unique, high-performance viewing window, can be placed directly under a microscope, while remaining sealed. The InTray™ removes the need to prepare slides or expose the sample once the device has been inoculated. By combining both growth and observation into one fully enclosed system, BioMed’s InTray™ DM removes the need for multiple procedures, increases throughput and decreases the cost of laboratory materials and medical waste. Additionally, the InTray™ design lends itself to high performance in off-site locations or in austere environments. InTray™ DM has a shelf life of 27 months at room temperature (18-25 °C). The InTray™ DM produces distinctive morphology between dermatophyte species and increases specificity by inhibiting the growth of both grampositive and gram-negative bacteria. The specially formulated media makes detection and preliminary identification easy while inhibiting potential interference in obtaining accurate results. QUALITY CONTROL At the time of manufacture, quality control tests are preformed on each lot of InTray™ DM. Testing repeats through the end of the shelf life assuring the highest quality product. BACKGROUND Dermatophytes are a specific group of fungi that cause common skin, nail and hair infections in both humans and animals. Dermatophytes are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted from human to animal, vice-versa, and can even contaminate areas of the environment. Infections caused by these fungi are commonly referred to as “tinea,” “ringworm,” and “athlete's foot” depending on the location of infection and genera of the fungus. Areas infected are usually itchy and are prone to redness, scaling or fissuring. Abscesses can occur and in some cases infected areas may also develop secondary bacterial infections. More aggressive infections can lead to cellulitis resulting in fever, chills or shaking, as well as soreness in the infected area. The types of fungus that receive the dermatophyte label are generally made up of the three genera: Microsporum, Epidermophyton and Trichophyton. Dermatophytes thrive in moist, protected areas of the skin. Dermatophytes prefer these areas due to the reliance on obtaining nutrients from keratinized material. Once the organisms colonize they cause inflammation due to the host's reaction to their invasion. Dermatophytes are usually restricted to the nonliving cornified layer of the epidermis since they are generally unable to penetrate into the sub-dermal layer. DIRECTIONS To inoculate the InTray™ DM, pull back the lower right corner of the label adjacent to the clear window until the protective seal is completely visible. Remove the seal by pulling the tab, discard the seal but do not remove the white filter strip over the vent.

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CORPORATE OVERVIEW BioMed Diagnostics, Inc., a boutique biotech firm and an industry leader since 1989, develops and manufactures in vitro diagnostic devices. BioMed's point-of-care ready tests provide accurate diagnostic tools for scientists worldwide to aid in the identification of bacteria, parasites and fungi. The company formed as the result of a mercy mission conducted by a group of physicians to Central America; there they discovered the need for robust diagnostic tools for use in austere environments. Their experience unleashed the inspiration for BioMed’s innovative products...

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