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InTray™ PDA (Potato Dextrose Agar) Potato Dextrose Agar is a recommended by the American Public Health Association for plate counts of yeasts and molds in the examination of foods and dairy products. VALUE High Throughput - Once the device is inoculated no other preparation is required saving time Cost Savings - Reduces laboratory materials and medical waste BENEFITS Convenient - Combines collection, culture, and observation into one device Easy to use - Minimal lab procedures and equipment needed Easy to store - 12 month shelf life under refrigeration (2-8°C) Easy observation - No fogging or condensation on the InTray™ viewing window Safe - Fully enclosed InTray™ system prevents contamination and reduces exposure to collected samples PRODUCT SPECIFICS Storage - Refrigeration (2-8 °C) Shelf Life - 12 months PRODUCT BIO BioMed Diagnostics' InTray™ PDA (Potato Dextrose Agar) is a general-purpose microbiology sample collection, transport, and culture device. The InTray™ PDA allows for simultaneous growth and observation of many species of organisms including yeasts, molds, and fungus and is also used for the cultivation and sporulation of various dermatophytes. BioMed’s patented InTray™ system saves time and money, while reducing exposure to collected samples by combining several procedures into a single device. The patented InTray™ system consists of a re-closable outer seal containing an optically clear, antifog window. The seal creates an airtight 2” diameter chamber providing a large enough area to streak for isolation. The innovative design of the InTray™ high-performance viewing window makes it possible to place the device directly under a microscope. This removes the need to prepare slides and prevents unnecessary exposure of the sample after inoculation. By combining both growth and observation into one fully enclosed device, BioMed’s InTray™ system negates the need for multiple procedures increasing throughput and decreasing the cost of laboratory materials and medical waste. The InTray™ design lends itself to high performance in laboratory settings as well as off-site locations or austere environments. It is fully enclosed and does not require any reagents or complicated procedures to inoculate or obtain presumptive results. The InTray™ system is also equipped with a small air filter creating a controlled air exchange. The InTray™ system is ideal for use in the field and in austere environments due to its low reliance on laboratory procedures and controlled air exchange system, which maintains the integrity of the growth environment inside the device. QUALITY CONTROL At the time of manufacture, quality control tests are preformed on each lot of InTray™ PDA using ATCC organism strains to ensure viability and sterility. These tests are repeated throughout the product shelf life by BioMed BACKGROUND Potato Dextrose Agar is recommended by the American Public Health Association for plate counts of yeasts and molds in the examination of foods and dairy products. It is also used for maintenance, cultivation and sporulation of stock cultures of various dermatophytes. DIRECTIONS Prior to inoculation the InTray™ PDA should be brought to room temperature. To inoculate the InTray™ PDA, pull back the lower right corner of the label adjacent to the clear window until the protective seal is completely visible. Remove the seal by pulling the tab, discard the seal but do not remove the white filter strip over the vent hole. Obtain a small amount of specimen and place on top of the agar. The 2” diameter well allows for a large enough surface area to streak for isolation. To culture the sample, reseal the InTray™ by returning the label to its original position so the optically clear anti-fog window covers the medium and press the edges of the label against the plastic tray to ensure an airtight seal before being stored for incubation. For isolation of fungi from potentially contaminated specimens, best practice suggests a selective medium be inoculated along with the non-selective InTray™ PDA.

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CORPORATE OVERVIEW BioMed Diagnostics, Inc., a boutique biotech firm and an industry leader since 1989, develops and manufactures in vitro diagnostic devices. BioMed's point-of-care ready tests provide accurate diagnostic tools for scientists worldwide to aid in the identification of bacteria, parasites and fungi. The company formed as the result of a mercy mission conducted by a group of physicians to Central America; there they discovered the need for robust diagnostic tools for use in austere environments. Their experience unleashed the inspiration for BioMed's innovative products...

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