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Femi SCAN - 1

WOMENS HEALTH Double Fluorescence Stain to aid in the Morphological Analysis of Vaginal Microbes

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Femi SCAN - 2

Epidemilogy of Vulvar and Vaginal Infections • In the U.S., about 30% of women age 14 to 49 are affected by bacterial vaginosis • Each year in the U.S., women make 10 million office visits for vaginal infections • Non-white women have even higher rates of infection (African-American=51%, MexicanAmerican=32%) • Genital tract infections account for more than 55% of outpatients in OB/GYN PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: Dual Fluorescence Staining Upgrade from standard wet film smear or gram stain microscopy. Femi SCAN Dual Fluorescence Stain is easier, faster, and more accurate. In addition, a fully...

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Femi SCAN - 3

Bacterial Vaginosis No obvious symptoms, only increased and thinner vaginal secretions. Clue cells difficult to detect Clue cells are crucial for proper diagnosis. Trichomonas Vaginalis Itching and burning sensation with increased and thinner vaginal secretions that are also foaming and yellowish in color. Gram staining may not detect trichomonas vaginalis Recommends hanging drop and culture methods. Hanging drop is easier but testing must take place immediately after sampling (within 10 minutes) and sensitivity is only 60-70%. Culture has better specificity but lower sensitivity....

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Femi SCAN - 4

MICROSCOPY STAINING COMPARISON Vulvovaginal Candidasis Candida Gram Stain Dual Fluorescence Staining Bacterial Vaginosis Clue Cells Clue Cells Clue Cells Gram Stain Dual Fluorescence Staining Trichomonal Vaginitis Gram Stain Dual Fluorescence Staining

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