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Fistula Needles

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Bionic Fistula Needles The gentle puncture

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Oozing at the puncture site leads to an increased risk of infection for patients and staff. The Bionic needle design prevents these side-effects by its cylindrical hub that is tapered towards the needle. In case of oozing at the puncture side, it is possible to advance the conical hub so that it plugs the bleeding site. Sharpness and perfection of the needle’s bevel area minimize pain perception and scarring. The edges of the bevel are carefully rounded so that a smooth insertion is assured and tissue coring is prevented. The silicone coating of the Bionic Fistula Needles combines many...

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Bionic Fistula Needles In consideration of the increased standards to prevent stick injuries, Bionic has been one of the first companies introducing a dialysis needle with integrated anti-stick device. For more information please ask for the safety needles brochure. Single-Needle Dialysis can minimize puncture-related complications and preserves vascular access. Bionic-Hy-flo-needles are designed based on many years of experience assuring high blood flows and low recirculation.

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The Bionic fistula needles have easy to operate light-weight clamps which are colour coded in red and blue for arterial and venous needles. The Bionic Luer-Lock connector has a specially designed rough inner surface which prevents adapter cracks during the connection with the blood tubing system. Safety The slit-shaped back eye invented by Bionic is cut from the outer to the inner surface and afterwards rounded accurately. The specially shaped back eye prevents lesions of the vessel’s inner surface and assures high blood flow without blockage of the needle. Low flow resistance is a special...

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Bionic Fistula Needles: Quality and reliability The success of Bionic Fistula Needles is based on the understanding of the complex interaction between the tip bevel geometry, the professional’s puncturing technique and the nature of the access vessel. Further improvements are achieved by Bionic’s continuous dialog with both medical professionals and their patients. For these reasons, not only the usage of Bionic Fistula Needles has multiplied over the years but also quality has improved continuously. Sharpness and perfection of the bevel minimize traumatization and puncturing pain. A...

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More than 80 different types available! Rotating wing needles Dimensions Gauge Ø Wing colour Order code for tube length 15 cm A = arterial with back eye, red clamp AV = set arterial and venous Other special sizes available on request V = venous without back eye, blue clamp AA = set arterial and arterial Hy-flo-Needles for Single-Needle Dialysis with rotating wing mm x mm Ø x length Wing colour Order code Bionic fistula needles are γ–sterilized. Right for technical modifications reserved B-GEFKANE/1

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