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Therapy Chairs

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Bionic Therapy Chairs for the comfortable treatment in the field of dialysis, oncology or transfusion

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Highest standard in The top model ComfortLine with five motors allows maximum individual adjustment - for both treatment and comfort.

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design, functionality, comfort and safety Modern design, high quality materials and a detailed finishing of the upholstery as well as mechanical and electrical parts underline the high standard of the ComfortLine. Continuous adjustment to all sitting and lying positions, a 3-dimensional adjustable armrest, an electrically adjustable footrest as well as a height adjustable headrest provide utmost comfort for your patients. Remote control allows individual adjustments of all sitting and lying positions. 3-dimensional adjustable armrest supports a relaxed arm position. The removable armrest...

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All important functions The UniversalLine is ideal for the daily ambulant care of your patients. With the highest level of comfort and four motors, including height adjustment, it is appropriate in numerous therapy areas.

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with a high standard of equipment and design During the treatment of your patients the UniversalLine allows a comfortable sitting or lying position and combines all important functions for the daily care with a good value performance ratio. The desired lying or sitting position can be achieved by four motors which are located directly under the easy to remove sitting User-friendly remote control to adjust all desired positions. Lowerable armrests allow different arm positions. Removable armrests provide greater flexibility in narrow rooms. Manually adjustable footrest fits every patient‘s...

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Attractive design, essential The BasicLine is the introductory model for the daily treatment. Two motors enable the simultaneous adjustment of the Therapy Chair in different positions.

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functions and reliable quality Of course, the same high quality materials are used for the BasicLine as for all Bionic Therapy Chairs. Two motors underneath the sitting segment allow an inclination of the seat as well as a simultaneous adjustment of the back and leg segment. With the manually adjustable footrest, the comfortable headrest and the Remote control to adjust the desired comfortable position. Functional and comfortable - the lowerable armrest. Removable armrests save space and facilitate movement in narrow rooms. For every patient‘s size the manually adjustable footrest Two...

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Optional features for all models The range of optional features provides additional For higher patient comfort we offer two additional comfort and improved functionalities. The plastic upholstery types, visco-elastic foam and spring core. protector for leg and footrest as well as a paper roll The upholstery in the seat cushion can be easily help the medical team to meet hygienic requirements. Further additions are the room saving infusion pole, the console table, and a handle to move the Therapy Chairs easily. The LED reading lamp offers a pleasant light for reading during treatment....

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Technical data and available colours Technical data Dimensions Seat segment width Chair width, incl. armrests Total length Total weight Ground clearance Back segment angle Seat segment angle Protection category Footrest Height adjustment Electrical specifications Power supply / voltage V / Hz Voltage VA Protection class Motors Safety Safe maximum load Angle of shock position Time for shock position Chrom grey standard colour Available colours: The Therapy Chairs‘ standard design is unicolour chrom grey. Additional colours are Atoll, Amazonas or Feuer in unicolour or bi-color design (grey...

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Our Service your Benefit The company Your needs our service Bionic Medizintechnik has been Bionic Therapy Chairs set founded in 1978 and started sales standards in reliability, durability the Bionic Therapy Chairs we of Therapy Chairs in the dialy- collect your input and implement sis field in 1983. Bionic Therapy Chairs are increasingly being used in therapy areas such as infusion therapy, plasmapheresis and in blood donation centres and various other fields for years. Specialised skilled workers and the use of finest materials support these high standards. Especially the upholstery is...

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