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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 1

Medical-Biological Research &Technologies

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 2

Welcome to Biosan Product Catalogue 2015–2016 Our mission is the development, manufacture and supply of innovative laboratory instruments developed on the base of the uppermost advanced scientific and manufacturing technologies. For more than 23 years Biosan has been a reliable partner for everyone who chooses equipment for working in the fields of biomedical diagnostics, biotechnology and Life sciences. Biosan catalogue 2015–2016 presents devices for mixing, vortexing-centrifugation, incubation, cultivation, water purification systems, DNA/RNA UV cleaner–boxes, devices ensuring biosafety...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 3

New Products and Announcements RTS-1, RTS-1C, MPS-1, HiPo MPP-96, TLC-S, TS-DW, S-Bt, CVP-2, Labaqua Series Mixing devices: Rockers, SHAKERS, Rotators, Vortexes Rockers: MR-1, MR-12 Shakers: 3D, Multi Bio 3D, PSU-10i, PSU-20i, MPS-1, PSU-2T Rotators: Bio RS-24, Multi Bio RS-24, Multi RS-60 Vortexes: V-1 plus, V-32, MSV-3500 Shaker-Incubators, Personal bioreactors Shakers-Incubators: ES-20, ES-20/60 Personal bioreactors: RTS-1 & RTS-1C Thermostated equipment: Thermostats – Dry Block, Heating/Cooling systems Thermostats–Dry Blocks: Bio TDB-100, TDB-120, QB series Dry–block Thermostats:...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 4

MAGNETIC STIRRERS, OVERHEAD STIRRER Magnetic Stirrers: MS-3000, MMS-3000, MSH-300, Intelli-Stirrer MSH-300i Overhead Stirrer: MM-1000 BIOSAFETY EQUIPMENT: BIOSAFETY AIR: UVR-M and UVR-Mi, UV Cleaner-Recirculators DNA/RNA UV-Cleaner Boxes: UVC/T-AR, UVC/T-M-AR, UVT-B-AR, UVT-S-AR, TLC-S BIOSAFETY WATER: Labaqua Series 77 PHOTOMETERS Densitometers: DEN-1, DEN-1B Microplate Photometer: HiPo MPP-96 WASHERS, ASPIRATOR Washers: IW-8, 3D-IW8 Aspirator: FTA-1 GENERAL INFORMATION General information about Biosan policy Reverse-Spin® Technology — Innovative Principle of Microbial Cultivation 112...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 5

INFORMATION ABOUT THE AVAILABILITY OF THE DEVICE WILL BE PUBLISHED ON OUR WEBSITE ^NEW RTS-1, RTS-1C Personal bioreactors RTS-1 and RTS-1C are personal bioreactors which provide "Reverse-Spin” type of agitation and logging of microbial growth in 50 ml tubes in real time. • Innovative mixing due to reverse spinning of the sample around its own axis • Due to innovative mixing technology it is possible to measure optical density of the probe in real lime • Software has been developed to store, display and analyse the data in real time • RTS-1 and RTS-1C are compact devices with...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 6

new TS-DW, Thermo–Shaker for Deep Well Plates Announcement HiPo MPP‐96, Microplate Photometer Information about the availability of the device will be published on our website Features of QuantAssay software: • ELISA assays of any complexity can be carried out via robust assay editor • Multiplex assays up to 7 assays on one plate • Qualitative assay includes up to 8 controls • Quantitative assay includes up to 20 standards • BestFit function for selecting the best calibration curve • Save, load and export results • Creating visual reports TS-DW Thermo–Shaker is designed for...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 7

Announcement S-Bt Smart BioTherm, Check our website for the latests updates! • S-Bt Smart Biotherm provides a six-sided direct heating of chamber walls and a door, thereby ensuring uniform distribution of temperature and CO2 within the incubator. • Built-in high-precision infrared CO2 sensor allows to measure and control the level of CO2. The sensor is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity inside the incubator. • Stainless steel chamber is securely sealed to minimize contamination and facilitate cleaning. • S-Bt is equipped with an UV air recirculation system – 1 UV lamp and a...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 8

Mixing devices: Rockers, SHAKERS, Rotators, Vortexes

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 9

8 Mixing Devices: Rockers, Shakers, Rotators, Vortexes MR-1, Mini Rocker–Shaker Mini Rocker–Shaker MR-1 provides regulated gentle rocking motion of the platform and is ideal for mini gel destaining after electrophoresis, conducting Northern, Southern and Western blot analysis. Shaker is a compact, noiseless device designed for personal use. The use of direct drive and brushless motor allows continuous mixing up to 7 days and ensures reliable, trouble-free operation for more than 2 years. Non–slip, temperature resistant, silicone mat located on the rocker’s platform provides stable position...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 10

Micro–Spins, Combi–Spins, Multi–Spins, Microcentrifuges, Centrifuges 9 Mixing Devices: Rockers, Shakers, Rotators, Vortexes Product Class 0–10° Rocking uni-rotation with adjustable tilt MR-12 with standard platform PP-480 Ordering information: Mixing frequency range 1–99 oscill/min (increment 1 oscill/min) Tilt angle range (for 1–50 oscill/min) 0°–10° (increment 1°) Fixed tilt angle (for 51–99 oscill/min) 10° Digital time setting 1 min–99 hrs 59 min (increment 1 min) / non–stop Display LCD, 16 × 2 signs Maximum continuous operation time 168 hrs Maximum load 5 kg Platform working area 480 ×...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 11

Mixing Devices: Rockers, Shakers, Rotators, Vortexes 3D, Sunflower Mini-Shaker SPECIFICATIONS DESCRIPTION "Sunflower” 3D Mini-Shaker provides adjustable three-dimensional smooth rotation of the platform and is designed for mixing blood samples, for minigel staining and destaining, sample washing, blot hybridization reactions. Mini-Shaker is a compact device with low energy consumption. The use of direct drive and brushless motor allows continuous mixing up to 7 days and ensures reliable, trouble-free operation for more than 2 years. Non-slip, temperature resistant, silicone mat...

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Catalogue 2015–2016 - 12

Premium Multi Bio 3D, Mini Shaker Programmable mini-shaker Multi Bio 3D is designed ^ for a variety of applications: hybridization reactions, cell growing, gel washing, soft extraction and homogenisation of biological components in solutions. Multi Bio 3D provides realization of several types of motion in one module. This option of Biosan instruments essentially extends possibilities and enhances efficiency of preparation of test samples as well as allows selecting the mixing type according to individual requirements. Microprocessor control allows performing not only o Orbital 3D rotation...

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