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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 3

WELCOME TO THE BIOSAN PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2021 For 29 years, the mission of BIOSAN has remained unchanged, reducing the risks of sample preparation by offering lines of laboratory equipment based on the most advanced scientific and industrial technologies. The catalogue of 2021 traditionally represents a wide range of laboratory equipment for carrying out both the simplest stages of sample preparation, such as mixing, shaking, centrifuging, incubation, and for implementing more complex and advanced stages — cell cultivation, nucleic acid isolation, as well as instruments for final result...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 4

Customer Support We are attentive to all customer requests. Specialists of the company promptly provide warranty and post-warranty service, and solve problems that may arise from users both at the stage of ordering equipment and during operation and maintenance. We are always happy to assist you in developing skills in the operation and maintenance of our products. Additional information about the products can be found on the website, including video of the products demonstrating the functional characteristics. Electronic brochures, catalogue and user manuals are also...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 5

World of Biotech-innovatica “Most of the great innovations arose from the interaction of creative personalities with teams that managed to realize their ideas.” — Walter Isaacson Vasily Bankovsky, Ph.D. (Biology), Head of R&D Department, Chairman of the Board at Biosan The concept of development for Biosan called World of Biotech-innovatica. Four planetary systems with satellites — devices revolve around Terra Innovatica (biomaterial under research). We have marked out four planets — 4 contemporary levels of life science research, medical and veterinary diagnostics: 1. Terra Genomica —...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 6

World of Biotech-innovatica Terra Cellomica Research and diagnostics at the level of cellular morphogenesis (cellular polymorphism); Terra Biochemica (metabolomics) Research and diagnostics of metabolism products and enzyme activity; Terra Cellomica Terra Immunologica Terra Biochemica Research and diagnostics at the level of immunology (detection of polymorphism of antibodies and immune response); Terra Immunologica Terra Genomica Terra Genomica Terra Innovatica Research and diagnostics at the level of genes (DNA-analysis, sequencing oligonucleotide and mononucleotide polymorphism — ONP,...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 7

4 Table of content New Products and Announcements NEW PRODUCTS COVID-19 Product line Photometer: DEN-600 Multi-channel bioreactors: RTS-8, RTS-8 Plus Shaker-incubator: ES-20/80 Real-time PCR detection system: BioQuant-96 CO2 shaker: CPS-20 CO2 incubator: S-Bt Smart BioTherm Thermoshaker: TS-100C Smart Shelves for DNA/RNA UV-cleaner boxes: P-5, F-1 Sticky mats: SPML, SPM DNA/RNA Decontamination Solution, 10l: PDS-10L ANNOUNCEMENTS Shaker-incubator with cooling: ES-20/80C Centrifuge: LMC-56 Homogenizer: RCP-24 SOFT WARE UPDATE Microplate photometer: HiPo MPP-96 General lab equipment Rockers,...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 8

Table of content 5 Water purification systems . Labaqua Trace, Labaqua HPLC, Labaqua Bio DensitometerS, Photometer ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 101 Densitometers: DEN-1, DEN-1B Photometer: DEN-600 Aspirators, Pipettes . Aspirator: FTA-1, FTA-2i Pipettes: Assist series; Assistboy BIOPROCESSING CO 2 incubator ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 114...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 9

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak marks the necessity of fast and reliable sample preparation as well as safe working environment. To facilitate products selection, here are shown ready product lines to start COVID-19 sample analysis rapidly. Preventive Decontamination PDS-250, PDS-10L DNA/RNA decontamination solution ELISA based detection methods Steps Assist Pipette series HiPo MPP-96 Microplate Photometer Assistboy Pipette controller Quant Assay Software for HiPo MPP-96 FTA-2i Aspirator with Trap Flask

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 10

NA based detection methods Automated preparation Manual preparation Working area UVT-S-AR DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box Resuspension of probes and reagents V-1 Plus Personal Vortex Sample lysis Sample wash TS-100C Smart Programable Termo-Shaker with cooling for microtubes and PCR plates Assist Pipette series FTA-2i Aspirator with Trap Flask MagSorb 16 Magnetic Rack for Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction Microspin 12 High-speed Mini-centrifuge Biomagpure 12 Plus Compact Bench-Top Robotic Workstation for Automated Nucleic Acid Purification (+ reagents) CVP-2 Plate centrifugation and vortexing MSC-6000...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 11

Tubes for RTS-8 Plus with sensor Parallel bioreactors with non-invasive measurement of cell concentration (pH and pO2 — RTS-8 Plus) in real time RTS-8, RTS-8 plus is the next generation of parallel bioreactors using disposable 50 ml test tube reactor vessels and the Reverse-Spin® mixing principle. New features: • Performing eight bioprocesses simultaneously in one device allows to study the effect of various factors on the bioprocess and optimize cell culture cultivation conditions (temperature, tube rotation speed, pO2, pH, concentration of various substrates). • Real-time multi-angle...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 12

CO2 Shaker CPS-20 provides regulated orbital motion of the platform and is designed for use in Biosan’s S-Bt CO2 Incubator. CPS-20 is specifically designed in harsh environments such as CO2 and humidity and provides reproducible results for cell culture growth. A choice of five interchangeable platforms provide the possibility of performing various procedures and techniques in various cultivation vessels. S-Bt Smart Biotherm is designed for work in the areas of cell biology (operations with animal cell cultures and tissues), molecular biology (DNA/RNA reaction analysis, hybridization...

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Catalogue Biosan 2021 - 13

Shaker-incubator with cooling Orbital Shaker–Incubator with cooling ES-20/80C for biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories is a next-generation, professional category equipment. ES-20/80 shaker-incubator for biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories is professional category equipment. The typical applications include - microbial and cell culture cultivation, protein expression, solubility studies, general mixing, as well as other various applications in the fields of biology and chemistry. The unit is equipped with a newly developed triple eccentric mechanism for platform...

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