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spinit HbAlc Quick Guide TEST DISC : • Keep the test kit refrigerated 2-8°C until expiry date. • When performing a test, allow disc to reach room temperature. • Only take the disc out of the pouch after reading the barcode. • Once the pouch has been opened, the disc must be loaded and inserted into the spinit® instrument within 10 minutes. • Using capillary blood, the sample should be introduced within one minute into the disc after collection. SAMPLE COLLECTION: • Use capillary blood directly from finger, fresh venous whole-blood (EDTA) or capillary whole-blood of human origin. • spinit® HbA1c disc is ready-to-use and does not require any reagent preparation step. • spinit® sample collection strips: • The vial must be stored at room temperature; • Always close the vial immediately after removing a collection strip. spinit® HbA1c CONTROLS: • Store the controls refrigerated (2-8°C). Opened controls are stable for 50 days. • The control can be used directly from the refrigerator. • Mix the control by inverting the vial 8-10 times before use. • Use Quality Control mode for control testing. • The measured value should be within the acceptable range stated in the spinit® HbA1c Control IFU. spinit® INSTRUMENT: • Switch the spinit® instrument on by pressing the ON button. • Wait until spinit® stabilises; • Information codes for the spinit® HbA1c assay: Training materials: Consult spinit® instrument instructions: • spinit® user manual • spinit® HbA1c controls • spinit® HbA1c IFU Necessary materials to perform the test: Supplied with the kit: • spinit® HbA1c discs • spinit® sample collection strips Not supplied: • Gloves • Disinfectant towel • Lancet&

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HOW TO PERFORM A spinit® HbA1c TEST 1 • Remove disc from refrigerator and wait to reach room temperature unopened; • Press Start button and follow on-screen • Scan the barcode from the disc pouch; • Place the disc on a plain surface with label • Take the disc out of the pouch; • Press the reagent blister using your thumb; Enough sample and correctly filled; • Prepare the sampling area by cleaning the • • finger using a disinfectant and allow it to dry; Remove a sample collection strip out of the vial and close the vial immediately after; Prick the patients finger using a lancet and wipe...

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